​The Evolution of Xperia 1 VI – A deep dive with Xperia 1 VI’s Product Planner & Engineers ​

​The Evolution of Xperia 1 VI – A deep dive with Xperia 1 VI's Product Planner & Engineers ​

The new ONE: #Xperia1VI – Zoom into wonder. ​
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It’s time to take a deep dive into Xperia 1 VI’s evolution.​

Watch as Xperia’s engineers and product planner discuss the improvement of Xperia 1 VI’s technology and performance – including camera, display, audio and battery.​

Go behind the scenes of a device brought to life as they discuss their meticulous attention to detail, the challenges they faced, and their heartfelt intentions as developers.​

This is how we bring emotion (Kando) to the palm of your hands. ​

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Source: Sony Xperia YouTube