Early adopters of private wireless report ROI and strategic benefits

Early adopters of private wireless report ROI and strategic benefits

Research among early adopters of private wireless solutions and industrial edge shows there are clear benefits in return on investment (ROI) and other key drivers.

Nokia and GlobalData surveyed 79 enterprises around the world in verticals including manufacturing, transportation, and energy that have already either adopted private 4G or 5G or are actively considering it. The findings include:

• More than half reported their total cost of ownership (TCO) had reduced by more than 6%
• Almost a third said their TCO had fallen by more than 10%
• Nearly 80% reported an ROI within six months

About 80% of the enterprises surveyed were keen to engage an end-to-end solution rather than deploy basic connectivity and build from there. Smaller enterprises, with a lack of in-house technical expertise, are particularly favored by an end-to-end approach that streamlines deployment.

As well as ROI, private wireless is delivering against other key strategic concerns for the enterprises surveyed, including:

• Worker safety: This was a key or major factor in the decision to invest for 95% of the companies, and 61% had seen an improvement of more than 10%
• Critical process reliability: 94% had this as a key or major factor, and 74% have seen efficiencies in internal material flow
• Sustainability: 48% reported reductions of more than 10% in energy use, and 94% have seen at least a slight reduction

This data offers encouragement to enterprises considering deploying private wireless and industrial edge. To learn more, listen to this Nokia Private Wireless Podcast now.

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Source: Nokia YouTube