Ancient Dungeon VR – Release Date Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Ancient Dungeon VR - Release Date Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Ancient Dungeon VR comes to PlayStation VR2 on December 8th.

Enter the Ancient Dungeon, a procedurally-generated underground labyrinth with no way back and only one way to escape… Fight through hordes of different enemies with a variety of upgradable weapons and improvise using the rich physics-based combat to survive. No two dungeons are the same, which means each run is different from the last! Are you brave enough to delve into the Ancient Dungeon and uncover its secrets?


Explore randomly-generated dungeons filled with traps, secrets, mini-bosses and tons of loot. The deeper you go the more dangerous the environment and the enemies will become.

Collect and unlock over 100 different upgrades, ranging from simple helper upgrades, such as companion wisps, to game-changers like exploding throwing knives. Experiment with upgrade combinations to gain unique advantages.

Use the environment to gain the upper hand as you battle an array of deadly creatures. Encounter wights, slimes, skeletons, wisps, flying skulls, champion enemies and more in thrilling melee and ranged combat.

Discover the true history of the Ancient Dungeon. Search for long-lost writings and historical records, and reveal hidden secrets through deep environmental storytelling.

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