Your Xperia your way: How to personalise your XZ3 with these simple steps

When it comes to customisation, Sony’s Xperia XZ3 is already a king among smartphones, coming in four striking shades – Black, White Silver, Bordeaux Red and Forest Green – so you can choose the handset that best matches your personality.

But to further tailor your XZ3 experience, below you’ll find plenty of ways to make sure your phone stands out from the crowd.

Home Screen

Your home screen is the first thing you see when opening up your Xperia XZ3, so why not make sure that – along with being functional and easy to use – it is a true reflection of your personality?

By simply holding down on your screen, display options will pop up giving you the option to change everything from the widgets to the wallpaper!

Among the wallpapers available are four different natural scenes reflecting the design inspiration of the XZ3, as well as a series of moving and static images.

Customising the XZ3 screen with widgets

You can also add shortcuts to the apps you need most, decide on what size you want the icons to be, as well as change the transition from the standard flat dimension to concave, convex and even the funky ‘windmill’ setting.

Selecting wallpapers on the XZ3

Tailor the display further by adding diary notes, Chrome bookmarks, a search tab, the weather and more. If you’re doing a super important project at work, add an email feed, but if you’re taking some time out to relax then you can add a Netflix widget to your homescreen to see some options for incredible content-watching on your amazing OLED screen. Netflix comes pre-installed on your device, but this is a super quick way to remind yourself of the latest amazing content available for your viewing pleasure.

Xperia Lounge

Automatically installed on your XZ3, Xperia Lounge recently had an upgrade, with more helpful tips and great content to peruse than ever.

Alongside hints on the latest content to download and competitions to enter, you’ll see a section called ‘Themes’.

Xperia Lounge Themes

Among the current Themes available is ‘Minimal Dark’, which is definitely one to try for those who like their minimalism with a hint of style. The design showcases the subtle power of a lunar eclipse, and you can tilt your phone to move the planetary swirls left and right – making the display truly eye-catching but super sophisticated.

For those who like a bit of superhero action, you can animate your phone with a Theme inspired by the Golden Globe-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse*. Watch Spidey swing across your phone by tilting left and right!

Side sense

Side sense is a nifty UI (user interface) which uses AI to show you apps you may want to use, based on how often you use it, what time it is or even where you’re standing – clever!

If you would rather choose the apps that show up yourself, such as the camera to take some great shots, this can easily be done through Side sense under Display in settings.

Side sense on XZ3

Side sense is effortless and removes the need to scroll, meaning it’s perfect for one-handed operation.

By simply double tapping on the edge of the screen, Side sense pops up. Tap anywhere on the screen outside Side Sense and it’ll disappear.

Restful evenings

Looking at a bright smartphone before bed, or when you first wake up in the morning, is sometimes not the brightest idea (pardon the pun!) Luckily, the XZ3 provides a handy solution to this problem.

Head to your settings, hit display, and under advanced settings choose Night Light. You can schedule a convenient time when your screen will turn a soothing amber hue, making your phone easier to look at.

What’s more, if you head to Do Not Disturb, you can tailor your notifications and alerts to your lifestyle. For example, if you’re on a drive for work-life balance, you can make sure you only receive notifications when you’re at work by setting a schedule. That way, you’re guaranteed a restful evening away from emails, even while leaving your phone open to calls from important contacts in your address book.


To add extra individuality to your XZ3, why not accessorise with a matching phone cover? The Xperia XZ3 Style Cover Stand SCSH70 comes in the same four-colour range as the smartphone itself, and doubles as a smartphone stand – convenient when watching YouTube, Netflix and films from the Play store.

It’s sturdy and perfectly tailored to the handset, and not just in terms of its look and feel. When you flip the front over, it wakes up your device and brings up Side sense for fast access to your favourite apps. Flip it back over and the phone goes on standby, saving you battery!

Xperia XZ3 Style Cover Stand SCSH70

For those with a tendency to drop their phone, the Style Cover Touch SCTH70 could be the perfect solution. Its see-through front allows you to access all of your apps even when it’s closed.

Xperia XZ3 Style Cover Touch SCTH70

Its beautiful design – from the same team that designed the XZ3 itself – enhances the phone’s unique curvature, and has pinpoint dimensions around the main camera and fingerprint sensor for a snug fit. It also comes in the same four colours as the XZ3 so you can choose a sophisticated match for your device.

How have you personalised your XZ3? Let us know in the comments below.

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