#WhatsAppening: July 18-August 1

Pokeball Watchface

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While the world goes Pokémon crazy, we’re here to lure you away from the Pokéstops with another hot #WhatsAppening. Catch these sweet Pebble apps—no Poké balls needed! We promise, no Pokémon.*

*This is a lie.

Running Assistant by Christophe Jeannette | Download »

Running Assistant

Running Assistant is designed to help new joggers gradually start running regularly, or to help moderate joggers to reinforce their pace. Working with intervals, the app will strongly vibrate when it is time for you to walk, or to run.

Timeline Reminder by TheJebForge | Download »

Timeline Reminder

A fast and simple way to dictate a reminder to yourself. Create timeline pin reminders directly from your wrist by manually entering a date and time, then dictating the message.

Pokedex Challenge by Mathew Reiss | Download »

Pokedex Challenge

Take part in the Pokedex Challenge and become the Champion! You’ve received a call from the legendary Professor Oak, and he has an important task for you: complete the Pokedex! Catch wild Pokemon as they pop up in your timeline and collect their data. You’ll only become champion if you catch ’em all!

Give this week’s selections a try and tell us what you think. Got any other appstore faves you’d like to tell us about? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, or our new Forum.

Until next time!

Source: Pebble Blog

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