WhatsApp iOS: Update fixes chats and more

Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp iOS Update – For Android users, WhatsApp has already introduced the new feature to fix or customize chat. With a recent update for Apple’s iOS and the iPhone, it will now also be possible to allow the fixation of chats at the top of the chat list. Also the feature of each document to send, is now possible with the iPhone.

WhatsApp Update for iOS: Chats chats

Already in May it was clear that WhatsApp is working on new functions for iOS. With the latest update for all Apple iOS and iPhone users, several new features are integrated into the Messenger.

After updating, iOS users can lock up chats at the top of the chat list. The desired chat can be pinned via a “pin” symbol.

Send all documents and group photos

In order to fix selected chats, the current WhatsApp version 2.17.40 must be installed on the iPhone. In order for a chat to be fixed at the top of the list, the user has to swipe right over the entry in the chat overview. In addition to the option, the chat is marked as “unread” and can then be fixed. Fixed chats are pinned on top and marked with a small PIN.

Another innovation is the sending of any kind of documents. This also includes ZIP and APK files. The third new feature is the sending of photos. If multiple photos are sent to friends, they can now be tagged as a group. Instead of sending multiple photos individually, it is much faster. Deleting multiple photos is also possible in this way.


Source: Cubot Phones Blog