Using new gesture controls with Xperia Touch

Using new gesture controls with Xperia Touch

Make surfaces come to life with new gesture controls – discover Xperia Touch:

Here you can learn how to use new gesture control functions with Xperia Touch.

Positioning yourself and Xperia Touch:
First, ensure you’re between 1m and 4m from Xperia Touch, within a 50 degree radius of the camera, and make sure the room is well lit – this ensures Xperia Touch can see your gestures.

Pointer gestures:
You can control Xperia Touch by holding up your index finger, and then moving it around to control the on-screen pointer. When you’ve hovered over what you wish to use, just quickly touch your index finger to your thumb to select it.

Remote controller gestures:
To enable remote controller gestures, raise your hand with your palm facing Xperia Touch – this will make the control panel appear. You can then move your palm in different directions to navigate the menu options, before making a fist to select the option you wish to use.
To switch between Pointer Gesture and Remote Controller Gesture control modes, simply lower your hand. Easy.

Gesture control can be used for some, but not all, Android apps and features.

Source: Sony Xperia YouTube