O2 launches new family plan with powerful online safety tools

O2 launches new family plan with powerful online safety tools

O2 launches new family plan with powerful online safety tools

  • New Family Plan offers one simple account and bill with up to 50% discount on up to 20 connections
  • The plan includes a full subscription to parental controls software, Qustodio Premium, at no additional cost
  • O2 customers also benefit from exclusive family offers and perks via Priority as well as free personalised support from O2 Gurus

O2 is today launching a brand new Family Plan, bringing together family billing, savings and online safety for O2 customers.

The unique plan provides one simple account and bill for the entire family, offering up to 50% discount on up to 20 connections. Customers adding additional connections can choose from any O2 Refresh pay monthly tariff or SIM only tariff, with unlimited minutes and texts on tariffs over 1GB. To reduce the hassle of juggling multiple services, contracts and bills, customers will receive just one transparent easy to understand bill, easily managed any time via the My O2 app.

For families taking additional new or upgrading connections and especially those O2 launches new family plan with powerful online safety toolswith young children, the Family Plan includes a full subscription to parental controls software, Qustodio Premium, at no additional cost. Unlike some other parental controls which are limited to one network or operating system (OS), Qustodio Premium is network, OS and device agnostic working across iOS, Android, Mac and PC on mobiles, tablets and computers.  The feature rich and easy to use application gives parents a comprehensive set of tools to help them monitor and manage their children’s online world. It gives parents the ability to:

  • Block inappropriate content with smart filters
  • Balance children’s screen time across multiple devices
  • Set time limits for specific games and apps, or block certain ones from running altogether
  • Monitor time spent on social media sites
  • Location tracking and emergency features such as panic alerts

The Family Plan also gives families access to an online hub featuring free help and advice from O2’s award winning partnership with the NSPCC. The advice aims to equip parents with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help keep their children safe online. For example it includes access to the Net Aware guide, a guide to the top 40 apps, games and social media sites that children are currently using.

As part of O2’s broader commitment to families, customers can benefit from exclusive family offers and perks via O2’s benefits programme, Priority. These include free access to top UK attractions throughout the summer.

O2 customers also receive free access to O2 Gurus, both in-store, online and over the phone, offering personalised device and technical support.

Nina Bibby, O2’s CMO comments “We recognise that managing family life in today’s digital world can often be complicated and as a parent myself I have first-hand experience. So our new Family Plan has been designed to keep our customer’s family mobile bills both simple and affordable, whilst also providing peace of mind when it comes to online safety with comprehensive parental controls software. Combined with access to exclusive family offers and personalised support, we want to help simplify our customer’s lives so they can make the most of that invaluable family time.”

All customers are automatically barred from accessing 18+ content on the O2 network as well as O2 Wifi. Customers need to age verify in order lift this bar. O2 also provides a free opt-in Parental Control service which limits the websites children can access on the network.

For more information visit o2.co.uk/family


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Make the most of summer with your phone

Make the most of summer with your phone

Make the most of summer with your phone

Ahh, British summers… So unpredictable. Whether we continue to get some stunning sunshine or we have a wet summer, we’ve got a collection of top tips from our Gurus to help you make the most of it with your smartphone.



We can’t talk about being prepared for summer without talking about weather apps. Dark Sky is our Guru’s #1 weather app which requires a yearly subscription (iOS – £3.99 | Android – £2.99) but with so many features, such as down to the minute localised forecasts, custom alerts and notifications in such a beautiful app, it’s money well spent.

Make the most of summer with your phone

Dark Sky’s weather widget within Android’s notification panel shows today’s weather at a glance

Our Guru’s best free alternative recommendation is Yahoo Weather (iOS – Free | Android – Free). With the same look and feel on both iPhone and Android, this is one of the most user friendly (and well designed) weather apps.

Have fun and save money

With O2 Priority we can help you make the most of summer while helping save you money – a win/win if ever there was one. Let us fill you in on some of our top picks:

Make the most of summer with your phone

  • Looking to stay or get fit over summer? Grab a mate and check out our Nuffield Health offer where you can get a week of workouts for the both of you, on us.
  • Got a big party coming up? Get 50% off JBL Connected Speakers in-store and online. Now that’s music to our ears.
  • Climb Up at The O2 with 20% off this summer. As you climb 52 metres above London, you’ll be able to take in some stunning panoramic views above one of the words most iconic music venues
  • Until 30 June, get 25% off everything at Gilbert Rugby. Grab a ball from the official England Rugby replica range, or your team of choice, or treat yourself to a big saving on boots, body armour and clothing
  • Whether you’re watching, playing or training, get 25% off at Umbro until 11:59pm tonight, Thu 21 July.
  • With a whopping 20% off food and drink at ASK Italian until 30 June, summer dining with friends or family has never been cheaper
  • With so much incredible live music throughout the summer, there’s bound to be a gig for you. On O2 you get access to the hottest gig tickets up to 48 hours before general release with Priority Tickets, and special perks at O2 venues.

Stay entertained

Make the most of summer with your phone

As we mentioned at the onset, we all know how unpredictable British summers are, so it’s a good idea to keep yourself entertained for if… Sorry, when, the rain starts falling.

  • O2 and Netflix. Now together. If you’re a new or upgrading customer, you can get 6 or 12 months of Netflix on select tariffs and handsets, on us. Rally the troops or round-up the family and enjoy great Netflix shows like Stranger Things, The Crown, GLOW, or Orange Is the New Black. With new movies and shows added regularly, there’s something to watch with friends and family no matter the weather.
  • What’s summer without some amazing music? Whether you’re hosting a party, BBQ, or just catching some rays in the garden, with Charge to Mobile you can bundle your monthly music subscription via Apple Music, Google Play or even Spotify into your monthly mobile bill.
  • Fancy a bit of gaming? There’s never been a better time to game on your mobile, with free AAA titles such as Fortnite (iOS | Android coming soon), PUBG (iOS | Android), Ark: Survival Evolved (iOS | Android), and all the other classics like Clash of Clans (iOS | Android) or Angry Birds 2 – yes, there’s a sequel… oink oink! (iOS | Android)

Step up your photo and selfie game

Many of us trust the cameras in our phones to take the best picture possible – and in many cases, especially with the advanced cameras on the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro, they do. But there are easy ways to give your photos that extra edge to make them stand out on Instagram and make sure your friends click that heart icon.

Make the most of summer with your phone

An example of what can be achieved in Lightroom Mobile

  • Photoshop Lightroom (iOS – Free | Android – Free)
    This is our Gurus’ first stop to a better photo. In every photo, colour is often your number 1 priority. You might have a great angle and great subject, but what if the colour isn’t great? Enter, Lightroom. With it you have access to presets, filters, you can magically get rid of small objects or imperfections with ‘Spot Heal’, and get control over so many lighting and colour properties. See an example below of how Lightroom can make things POP.
  • Photoshop Fix (iOS – Free | Android – Free)
    Another one from those clever folks at Adobe, Photoshop Fix is great for selfies. Adjust shadows and highlights, contrast and exposure, and also use powerful tools like Liquify, which has dedicated facial manipulation features such as making your eyes bigger or smaller, or maybe you just want to add a smile to a photo you forgot to smile for? With this app, you can do just that.
  • SKRWT (iOS – £1.99 | Android – £1.39)
    SKRWT is a bit of a more focussed app, but if you want to fix distortion or perspective (mega important if your photos feature buildings or architecture) then this is likely the best app around, tailored to do just such a job. Check out the video here to see it in action, with some before & afters

Get charged up

Make the most of summer with your phone

There’s nothing worse than being out and about enjoying the sun and then you see your phone sitting at 1% battery. It’s the moment we all fear. But you can make sure you have more than enough power, even if you’re nowhere near a power socket.

  • Invest in a battery power bank. Whether you’re looking for something small and light just to get a top-up, or something a bit beefier to get up to 3 or even 5 charges, we’ve got several in stock to choose from
  • If you’re planning on spamming your Instagram with selfies at the beach, you can even get solar powered chargers, so you can top-up your juice while you top-off your tan

Travel light

When the hot sunny days arrive, it’s all about light clothing. But did you know you can travel lighter, with just your smartphone? Check out some of our top tips below to save you carrying anything you don’t need to:

Make the most of summer with your phone

Buy games, apps, music and more with Charge to Mobile

  • Leave the wallet at home. Did you know that with a combination of Contactless Payments (via Google, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay) and Charge to Mobile (which bundles your digital purchases into your monthly phone bill) your phone can do everything your wallet can?
  • If you’re still part of an old breed that uses real, physical maps or tourist guides, these days your phone makes it better and easier. Apps like Citymapper (iOS – Free | Android – Free) are indispensable at helping you find public transport routes & directions in many of the world’s biggest cities, including London, Birmingham & Manchester.
  • Doing a bit of a Bear Grylls and going for a nature walk or hiking? Your iPhone and most Android phones have built-in compass apps helping you navigate the old fashioned way. We hope you’ve got the necessary Scout badges!

With us already having enjoyed some epic summer days even before the schools go on break, here’s hoping there’s more amazing days to come. If you’ve got other top tips for enjoying summer with your smartphone, not mentioned above, please let us know on the O2 Community, Twitter or Facebook.

For terms & conditions of individual O2 Priority offers including eligibility, offer end dates and other criteria, see the ‘Terms & Conditions’ section on each offer. General O2 Priority terms & conditions can be found here.

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Keeping our kids safe online

Keeping our kids safe online

Keeping our kids safe online

Three years ago, O2 recognised that online safety was one of the top concerns for our customers – and particularly parents – across the UK. So we joined forces with the NSPCC to help equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help keep their children safe online. The partnership brought together O2’s digital and tech-know how, alongside the NSPCC’s expertise in safeguarding children.

This week marks the NSPCC’s sixth annual flagship conference, How safe are our children?  The theme of this year’s event focuses on how we can keep children safe in a digital age and echoes what the O2 and NSPCC partnership stands for – keeping children safe in a world where the boundaries between the online and ‘offline’ worlds are becoming increasingly blurred.

As headline sponsors, we will be sharing the approach that we’ve taken over the past three years to provide parents with trusted advice, support and resources to keep their kids safe online, as well as showcasing some of the latest technology that is changing the way children interact, play and learn.

As a parent myself, I see the enormous benefits that the internet brings to my son and daughter and the integral part it already plays in their lives. However, I’m also aware of the risks and issues children face when living their lives online. For example, in 2016/17 the NSPCC’s ChildLine service delivered 12,200+ counselling session to young people on the topic of abuse online. And this figure is increasing year on year.

At O2, we know that online safety remains a top concern for parents – above education or health. 71% of parents admit they consult their child for technological advice and Ofcom reported that the average six-year-old understands more about digital technology than a 45 year old.

To date, our strategy has focused on building parents’ knowledge of a child’s online world, and subsequently their confidence and willingness to have regular conversations with their children. Ongoing conversations help to build  dialogue between a parent and their child, empowering a child to make the right decision when a parent is not around and encouraging children to speak up if they experience a problem.

We have created a number of resources, aimed at parents, in order to help them do this:

  • A free online safety helpline staffed by specially trained experts
  • Online safety workshops delivered in schools, workplaces and local communities
  • Net Aware – a guide for parents to help them keep up to date on the latest apps, sites and games popular with children
  • Free in-store advice from O2 Gurus on all aspects of family online safety
  • Our icebreaker email series, which provides online safety top tips and support straight to the inbox

We’ve also used the power of our brands to deliver awareness and behaviour change campaigns to encourage parents to set parental controls and privacy settings, and have regular and more informed conversations with their children. And the results have been positive – we have inspired parents to take almost 5 million actions to help keep kids safe online.

But we know more can be done. With the digital world rapidly changing, technology is shaping how young people play, learn, build relationships and express their creativity. For them, online life is real life.

So at O2 we are committed to continuing our work with the NSPCC to help parents and children enjoy the benefits of the digital world, safely and with confidence.

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Enjoy Netflix with double data on O2

Enjoy Netflix with double data on O2

Enjoy Netflix with double data on O2

  • New and upgrading O2 customers eligible for Netflix on selected tariffs1
  • Six and twelve-month subscriptions up for grabs
  • Bonus double of data also available on a number of contracts

Today O2 announces a brand new partnership with Netflix, the leading internet TV service, that offers new and upgrading customers on selected tariffs the opportunity to enjoy Netflix this summer.

From the captivating and nostalgic Stranger Things and the 80’s Cinderella story with bodyslams GLOW, to the award-winning Orange Is The New Black and The Crown, O2 customers will be able to enjoy some of the best shows out there thanks to the new deal.

Customers can claim a six or twelve-month Netflix subscription as a gift from O2 on eligible O2 Refresh, tablets, dongles as well as SIM Only contracts. In addition, O2 are offering a bonus double of data on a number of contracts so customers can make the most of all the great content that Netflix has to offer, with both exciting deals available until the 8th August.

Netflix options include:

  • O2 Refresh tariffs:
    • 15GB: 6 months Netflix
    • 25GB and above: 12 months Netflix
  • Sim Only:
    • 18GB and above: 6 months Netflix
  • Tablets:
    • 5GB and above: 6 months Netflix
  • Pocket hotspot and dongles:
    • 18GB and above: 6 months Netflix

Existing Netflix customers need not worry, as their gift will be credited to their Netflix account so they too can benefit.

Nina Bibby, CMO, O2 said: “Over half of adults like the freedom to be able to watch content, when or where they want on their tablet or smartphone2. And we believe that the best moments and stories are shared. That’s why we’re partnering with Netflix to bring amazing movies and shows to our customers, and with double the data we’re making it even easier for customers to watch their favourite shows or share moments with friends and family.”

“We are totally thrilled to ink this new partnership with O2” said Maria Ferreras, VP Business Development EMEA. “With this promotion, O2 mobile customers will be able to easily access Netflix’s critically acclaimed original content and enjoy a new way of watching entertainment.”

On O2 Refresh, customers can move to a higher or lower tariff in their family of tariffs once every billing month3, depending on how much data they anticipate using, giving customers’ flexibility and control over their bills. Customers who want to upgrade early from another handset need only pay off the remaining balance of their Device Plan to stay bang-up-to-date. What’s more, customers who want to keep their phone after two years will only pay for their monthly Airtime Plan from that point. Terms and conditions apply, visit o2.co.uk/termsandconditions for full details.

For more information search O2 Netflix or visit o2.co.uk/Netflix.

– ENDS –

1New Netflix customers auto opted in to Netflix after promotion using Charge to Mobile. Netflix offer only redeemable 14 days after purchase. For applicable tariffs see o2.co.uk/Netflix. Netflix offer expires 8 August 2018. Valid for [6/12] months of Netflix Service on the £7.99 (a month) “2 Screens at a Time Streaming Plan” (total value £[47.94/95.88]). A Netflix compatible device (manufactured and sold separately) and broadband Internet connection are required to watch instantly. Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash, subject to applicable law, and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift Subscriptions. You may apply the value of the offer to a different Netflix streaming plan. Exchanges in this manner may alter the duration of the offer. Netflix Service price plans subject to change. See www.netflix.com/termsofuse.

2Source: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/105074/cmr-2017-uk.pdf.      

3Only on O2 Refresh tariffs purchased directly from O2. Change your airtime tariff after 30 days and then once every billing month during your minimum contract period, choosing from a selected family of tariffs. Some tariff extras are only available on the starting tariff, are not transferable, and may be lost if you change to an ineligible tariff. Devices are subject to availability. O2 Refresh: Finance is subject to status, credit check and direct debit. 18+. 0% APR. Terms apply, see o2.co.uk/terms.

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O2 Media Awards 2018 Yorkshire and The Humber finalists revealed

Print journalists and broadcasters are neck and neck in the race for honours in this year’s O2 Media Awards for Yorkshire and The Humber.

The Yorkshire Post and Evening Post, carry the standard for print organisations with the highest number of nominations across this year’s 25 award categories.

Broadcasters ITV Yorkshire, BBC Look North and BBC Look North East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are tied after last week’s final round of judging.

BBC radio stations also figure prominently with journalists and presenters from commercial radio groups Bauer and Global in hot pursuit.

Award winners will be revealed on July 5 at the O2 Media Awards presentation evening at Leeds United Football Club, hosted by BBC Breakfast Presenter Louise Minchin.

“The O2 Awards recognise media talent in all its forms. Once again our judging panels had the difficult task of selecting their favourites from the region’s top media performers. We’re looking ahead to a wonderful night of celebration,” said Nicola Green, Director of Corporate Affairs at O2.

Nominees will be contacted with details of the event. For more details on the presentation evening contact [email protected] or call 01829 741371.


O2 Media Awards Yorkshire and The Humber 2018 nominees:

News Reporter Print

Georgina Morris – Yorkshire Evening Post

Ruby Kitchen – Yorkshire Post & Yorkshire Evening Post

Kevin Shoesmith – Hull Daily Mail

Chris Burn – Yorkshire Post

Peter Craig – Grimsby Telegraph


News Reporter Broadcast

Sam Casey – ITV Yorkshire

Emma Glasbey – BBC Look North

Louise Fewster – BBC Radio York

Tracy Gee – BBC Radio Leeds


Television Broadcast Presenter

Amy Garcia –  BBC Look North

Kerry Maule – Made in Leeds

Tim Iredale – BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Peter Levy – BBC Look North East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire


Radio Broadcast Presenter

Toby Foster – BBC Radio Sheffield

Katie Radley – Global Radio Yorkshire

David Burns – BBC Radio Humberside

Julia Lewis – BBC Radio York



David Behrens – Yorkshire Post

Ruby Kitchen – Yorkshire Post & Yorkshire Evening Post

Paul Davis – The Star, Sheffield

Tony Earnshaw – Huddersfield Daily Examiner


Television Journalist

Emma Glasbey – BBC Look North

Phillip Norton – BBC Look North East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Jamie Coulson – BBC Look North

Lucy Hester – BBC Inside Out


Sports Journalist Print

Philip Buckingham – Hull Daily Mail

Paul Davis – The Star, Sheffield

Danny Hall – The Star, Sheffield


Sports Journalist Broadcast

Mark Ansell – BBC Look North

Rob Staton – BBC Radio Sheffield

Jonathan Buchan – BBC Radio Sheffield

Chris Dawkes – ITV Yorkshire


Young Journalist Broadcast

Ben Bason – Hallam FM

Katharine Walker  – ITV Yorkshire

Otis Holmes – ITV Yorkshire

Adam Goacher – That’s North Yorkshire

Thomas Dambach – Radio Aire


Young Journalist Print

Alex Grove – Hull Daily Mail

Connor Lynch – Grimsby Telegraph

Joseph Keith – Yorkshire Evening Post

Sam Jones – Whitby Gazette


Radio Journalist

Tracy Gee – BBC Radio Leeds

Andy Kershaw – BBC Radio Sheffield

Louise Fewster – BBC Radio York

Rosanna Austin – Radio Aire


Camera Operator

Michael Newton – ITV Yorkshire

Anna Crossley – BBC Look North

Peter Thompson – BBC Look North East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire



Jonathan Gawthorpe – Yorkshire Post

Stephen Garnett – Dalesman

Jon Corken – Grimsby Telegraph

Simon Hulme – Yorkshire Post


News Programme

Modern Slavery – BBC Look North East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Manchester Arena bomb – BBC Look North

Huddersfield Town FC homecoming – ITV Yorkshire


Sports Programme

Huddersfield Town FC promotion – BBC Radio Leeds

Sheffield ‘Derby’ – BBC Radio Sheffield


Entertainment Programme

The Yorkshire Dales & The Lakes – True North Productions

The Harry Hometime Show – Minster FM

999 Rescue Squad – Air Televison

The Pets Factor – True North Productions


On-line Media

Leeds Live

Hull Daily Mail

BBC Radio York

The Star, Sheffield


Daily Newspaper

Hull Daily Mail

Yorkshire Post

Huddersfield Daily Examiner


Weekly Newspaper

Sheffield Telegraph

The Scarborough News

Whitby Gazette


Community Publication

Down Your Way

Just Beverley

Out and About in the North York Moors


Magazine & Specialist Publication

Asian Life – Telegraph & Argus

Dalesman – Country Publications

Tour De Yorkshire – Yorkshire Post

Clubland – Rotherham Advertiser


Community Journalism

Yorkshire Evening Post

Telegraph & Argus

BBC Look North East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Sabbiyah Pervez – BBC Yorkshire


Most Memorable Broadcast

“I live in the car” – BBC Radio York

NHS in crisis –  ITV Yorkshire

Yorkshire Ripper letter – ITV Yorkshire

Trusted Trader Investigation – BBC Look North East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire


Most Memorable Print

Scratchcard Millionaire – Hull Daily Mail

Yorkshire’s Missing MP – The Yorkshire Post

Remembering the Triple Trawler Tragedy – Hull Daily Mail



Air Television

BBC Look North

Radio Aire News

BBC Radio York


For more information, contact


Mark Rossiter

Rossiter Media Limited

[email protected]

+44 (0)1829 741371




O2 Press Office contacts

t +44 (0)1753 565656

e: [email protected]


All O2 news release can be accessed at our website: www.o2.co.uk/news

About Telefonica UK/O2

O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is the mobile network operator with the highest customer satisfaction in the UK according to The Institute of Customer Service. O2 was also awarded Best Network Coverage in 2018 by uSwitch. With over 32 million connections to the network, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G services across the UK, as well as operating its nationwide O2 Wifi service. O2 has over 450 retail stores and sponsors The O2, O2 Academy venues and England Rugby. Read more about O2 at o2.co.uk/news.


Telefónica UK Limited is registered in England and Wales. Registration number: 1743099.

Its registered office is at: 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX, United Kingdom.


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Social Action in Recruitment

Social Action in Recruitment

Social Action in Recruitment

Social Action in Recruitment

Ann Pickering, Chief HR Officer and Chief of Staff, Telefónica UK

When O2 began funding and mentoring young people to run social action projects through our Think Big programme seven years ago, youth unemployment was over 20%.  At a time when the job market was particularly tough for young people, social action offered them a way to develop self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, project delivery and other skills that could enrich their CV and help them transition to employment.

Youth unemployment has roughly halved since then, but the challenges facing young people in today’s world remain substantial and are keenly felt.  In April, new research from the Prince’s Trust found that three out of five young people regularly feel stressed amid concerns over jobs and money, while one in four felt “hopeless” and half had experienced a mental health problem.

While the challenges they face may evolve and change, young people remain 20% of the population and 100% of our future.  That is why giving them support is as important now as it was when we began Think Big and why O2 remains so committed to Step up to Serve’s #iwill campaign to promote youth social action – volunteering, campaigning and fundraising: practical action in the service of others.

Since the launch of Step up to Serve in 2012, O2 has hosted #iwill events to celebrate the achievements of young people in social action at The O2 and at Wayra, our accelerator for digital start-ups; continued to support thousands of young people to run their own social action projects; championed youth social action to other businesses and to our supply chain; and at every opportunity provided a platform to showcase the talents and achievements of young people and the ‘double benefit’ that their social action delivers by helping the recipients of social action and the young people who deliver it by giving them new and enhanced skills.

Few things more powerfully reinforce the link between social action and employability than businesses embedding social action in to their recruitment practices.  That is why, as Chief HR Officer at O2, I have been particularly pleased to be working over the last twelve months with other #iwill business supporters to make progress with this important agenda. Our ambition is to embed social action in to 20% of job learning for apprentices. This would not be an additional ‘work’ for an apprentices, but a key element of the apprenticeship programme itself.  We are also seeking to ensure that social action is integrated in to the new ‘T-level’ qualifications, which are due to be delivered from 2019.

The good news is that social action is increasingly recognised as of equivalent value to more traditional forms of work experience and last year the Department for Education confirmed that it can be classed as a form of work experience in 16-19 study programmes.  O2, like an increasing number of other employers, provides an opportunity in the job application process for young people to share their social action experience, because the skills it has given them are relevant and valuable in the workplace.

I am proud of the young people in our business, of the many others whose social action projects we support and of the people at O2 who volunteer their time and skills to support them. O2 consistently and clearly sees the benefits of youth social action and encourages other businesses to support it and to get behind Step up to Serve’s #iwill campaign.

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Out the tout: O2 teams up with Fan Fair Alliance to clamp down on secondary ticketing abuse

Out the tout: O2 teams up with Fan Fair Alliance to clamp down on secondary ticketing abuse

Out the tout: O2 teams up with Fan Fair Alliance to clamp down on secondary ticketing abuse

O2 is joining forces with the Fan Fair Alliance (FFA) to put customers, gig goers and music lovers first in the ticket resale market.

With research commissioned by FanFair Alliance last year revealing the depth of public concern with mass scale ticket touting on many secondary ticketing platforms, O2 and the FFA will work together to ensure that as many Priority Tickets as possible are going to genuine fans.

The research revealed that nearly three quarters of the UK population (74%) think online ticket touting is becoming a major concern for music fans, while (44%) are unaware of the difference between primary and secondary ticket sites. However, 72% of respondents found the idea of pre-sales appealing, giving registered fans a chance to buy tickets before they go on general sale.

In 2008, O2 pioneered the pre-sale model with the launch of Priority Tickets allowing customers access to tickets 48 hours before general release. The model works by providing O2 customers early access to official tickets which are sold on primary ticketing sites.

Over the years Priority Tickets has enabled millions of O2 customers and genuine fans to see their favourite artists live. But the ticketing industry is increasingly being targeted by individuals and organisations looking to extract large profits by re-selling tickets including those purchased through pre-sales at significantly higher prices than face value.

After an extensive audit and working with the FFA, O2 will be introducing a series of measures to Priority Tickets to minimise abuse on the service:

  • Updating Priority Tickets terms and conditions to reflect recent changes to the Consumer Rights Act, ensuring tickets are for individuals and not businesses
  • Working with our venue partners to monitor all pre-sale purchases
  • A regular cleanse of the Priority Ticket database to remove individuals who no longer meet the minimum criteria and/or abuse the service
  • Providing FFA advice to O2 customers in order to help them make informed ticket purchasing decision


Nina Bibby, CMO at O2 comments, “We recognise the increasing concerns from our customers, artists and the wider industry about the scale of abuse in the secondary ticket market. Music is in O2’s DNA and we are committed to ensuring that tickets made available through Priority Tickets end up in the hands of genuine fans. The FFA has made significant progress in addressing some of these concerns over the past two years, pushing for change from government and organisations alike. We are looking forward to working with the FFA even further to help drive the agenda and ultimately clamp down on touts.”

Adam Webb, campaign manager, FanFair Alliance: “The past two years have seen significant progress to tackle mass-scale online ticket touting, including a raft of new and updated legislative and regulatory measures. These should empower artists and music businesses to better protect their audiences, and it is heartening that O2 are getting on the front-foot to help ensure millions of Priority Tickets reach their customers as intended. We hope others will follow their lead.”

Ian McAndrew, Wildlife Entertainment and one of the co-founders of FanFair Alliance: “The FanFair campaign has helped drive significant reforms in secondary ticketing, but it will still require proactive measures, such as these, to best ensure tickets reach their intended audience. It is to O2’s credit that they have instigated these initial changes, and we look forward to further collaboration going forward.”

Annabella Coldrick, CEO, Music Managers Forum (MMF): “Pre-sales are part and parcel of live music, and this raft of measures from O2 will help ensure Priority Tickets get into the hands of real music fans.  It is a very positive move forward, and one that will have ramifications throughout the live music business.”

About O2 and live music:

  • The O2 is the world’s most popular music and entertainment venue
  • The O2 has welcomed over 60 million visitors and sold 20 million tickets since opening in 2007
  • O2 has 19 O2 Academy venues in 13 cities across the UK
  • To date, 25 million people have been through the doors of an O2 Academy venue
  • O2 customers have access to tickets to over 5,000 shows in over 350 venues across the UK each year via Priority Tickets

– Ends-

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