#SonyIFA FAQ: We answer the questions you’ve been asking about the new Xperia 5

Last week at IFA,  we announced the latest exciting addition to Sony Mobile’s flagship smartphone range, Xperia 5.

Xperia 5 brings Sony’s key technologies from Xperia 1 to a sleek and compact model designed for all-day entertainment. With its 21.9 CinemaWideTM display and Eye AF technologies, Xperia 5 brings uncompromised performance, in a smaller footprint!

Xperia 5’s announcement has created a lot of buzz, but also generated a lot of questions from Sony fans across the globe. Needless to say, we want to give you the answers you’re looking for, so we’ve created this handy FAQ.

#SonyIFA FAQ: We answer the questions you’ve been asking about the new Xperia 5

What are the main differences between Xperia 5 and Xperia 1?

Although the Xperia 5 offers many of Sony’s Xperia 1 professional-grade technologies, there are a few important differences between the devices.

In Xperia 1 we introduced the world’s first Eye AF[i] in a smartphone, and for Xperia 5 we’re taking this technology one step further with improved camera enhancements from Sony’s Alpha cameras. With Xperia 5 you’re able to track the action with continuous burst shooting at up to 10 fps AF/AE tracking (Auto Focus and Auto Exposure).  Xperia 5 also has increased AF/AE calculations at up to 30fps allowing you to capture moving subjects with precision focus.

For budding photographers, the new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in Xperia 5 will detect photographic challenges, ensuring you always capture the perfect shot. Before you take your image, ‘Photography advice’ will alert you to any rogue fingers in front of the camera lens or AF (auto focus) failure. After you’ve taken your photo, it will let you know if the photo is blurred or your subject has their eyes closed, so you can quickly reshoot.

For those who use their phones on-the-go to stream content, Xperia 5 has a great new feature, ‘Smart connectivity’, which makes sure you’re connected to the most optimal network. Using Sony’s deep learning engine, it predicts near-future connectivity issues automatically switching to LTE to ensure you always have the best-possible connectivity.

What’s more, Xperia users can now match the device to their own personal style better than ever before. Blue, Red, Black and Greyii handsets offer a sophisticated colour palette, while Sony’s official cases enable you to customise your device further.

Why is it called Xperia 5? Is it in the middle of Xperia 1 and Xperia 10 and 10 Plus?

Xperia 5 is positioned as the next flagship device, sitting alongside Xperia 1. Instead of using letters, such as Z or XZ as we have done previously, we simplified our naming by using numbers for easier positioning of our product line up.

Is Xperia 5 the Xperia 1 Compact?

Whilst Xperia 5 is smaller than Xperia 1, we are not branding it as the compact version. We do believe however, that Xperia 5 will appeal to a wider audience, without compromising on the technology from Xperia 1.

Sony still hasn’t announced a 5G smartphone. Why?

We showcased a 5G smartphone prototype featuring mmW connectivity at MWC in Barcelona earlier this year.  We are fully committed to bringing 5G enabled Xperia to global markets for both Sub-6 GHz and mmWave spectrum and while we can’t comment on future launch dates, we are making great progress and working with numerous partners around the globe for ongoing technical development.

#SonyIFA FAQ: We answer the questions you’ve been asking about the new Xperia 5

How will the improved Game enhancer benefit gaming on the device?

The gaming experience on Xperia 5 has been elevated even further with the new and improved Game enhancer feature, allowing users to record their active game with burst screen capture at 20fps and additionally synthesise their voice with the voice changer feature.#SonyIFA FAQ: We answer the questions you’ve been asking about the new Xperia 5

Xperia 5 has a smaller battery than Xperia 1. Is the battery performance not as good as Xperia 1?

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform, combined with our efforts in efficient power management, mean Xperia 5’s battery is able to endure all-day use. Sony-developed features, such as Battery Care and Xperia Adaptive Charging, mean we can deliver reliable all-day battery life.

Why did Sony choose to stick with the ‘tall’ design?

While the 21:9 ratio may seem new to some smartphone users, we believe that the unique experiences it delivers, such as immersive viewing and easy Multi-window use, mean that it’s very difficult to go back to 18:9 once you’ve held Xperia 10, 10 Plus, Xperia 1 or Xperia 5 in your hand.

When can I get my hands on Xperia 5?

Xperia 5 ships with Android™ 9 Pie and is available in select marketsii from early October this year.

Xperia 5 is currently available to pre-order in select markets across Europeii, bundled with the award winning WF-1000XM3 truly wireless Noise Cancelling headphones – to shop the product, make sure you visit Sony.com.

You’ll also be able to purchase matching accessories, including the attractive, colour-matching Style Cover View and Style Cover Back cases.

To get your hands on Xperia 5 or to find out more information, simply visit sonymobile.com.

[i] Xperia 1’s camera features Eye AF (autofocus) capable of identifying and keeping a human eye in focus. Verified by Strategy Analytics’ SpecTRAXService against the published camera specifications for over 14,000 smartphones. Correct as of the 16th May 2019 .
ii Timing and availability will vary by market

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