ServiceNow, the future is automated

ServiceNow, the future is automated

That’s what transmits Rodolfo Falcone , well-known figure in the IT landscape, presenting in early June in Milan the new programs ServiceNow, which has just taken over the position of Country Manager Italy. Understandably, some of that enthusiasm is due to the new position, but is also perceived that the real reason is given from dealing with a platform to ServiceNow, which is the right solution at the right time. Because in the era of digital transformation and the Internet of Things, you need to speed up more and more functions, thanks to an advanced service management which is responsible for managing and automating work processes. “In Italy we are present for just over three years, but in recent times we are beginning to grow substantially no accident that we are also strengthening us as a structure, assuming people especially for the part of presale technical and operating a channel audit” begins Falcone, also referring to their arrival in the team and the recent appointment of Bernardo Palandrani as Partner Director for Southern Europe, “the person of wide experience and even large numbers, who is with us to help us in the channel reboot, which for us is consisting today of the large system integrators, from consulting firms and top Italian partners, the more traditional, “says Falcone.

revolutionary approach

More specifically, “our platform is addressed mainly to the field mid-enterprise, or to the medium-high segment consists of the companies that have from 500 to unlimited users, but we plan to also go to the SMB segment conquest through the telco, because I believe that all small and medium enterprises in the future will be served by the telco is a natural process, which starts from the supply of smartphones and comes to services in the cloud, which passes the entire SaaS “offer, said Falcone. But the ServiceNow platform “does not just IT management solutions, but also affects elsewhere, such as the CRM or on HR, touching a bit ‘all the stakeholders of the companies and not just the IT, and since it is entirely in the cloud, not there is nothing to install and manage the data center: for what we could call ourselves even-less data center, to highlight how we can reduce and simplify everything, “noted Falcone. You Nicola Attic, Solutions Consultant Manager ServiceNow Italy , underlining that “the center of our platform is service management, to ensure the proper provision of services, and it’s all in the cloud, to also connect the company who requests the service and who It delivers it with a workflow that represents a revolutionary approach for companies, where many still present legacy tools create many casts “.

The automation year

The lightening and simplifying pass from automation, so it is not by chance if ServiceNow automation 2018 will be the year: “The routine jobs are bound to be increasingly automated and European companies that will automate them a chance to see grow seven times its turnover “, tells the company, strong of the results of research that has recently involved more than 1,850 C-level, VP, director and manager, 700 of them in Europe, to assess also the relationship between the levels of automation organizational and financial performance. It is noteworthy that 40 percent of companies said that in 2018 will require greater automation to manage the volume of business tasks, while 75 percent of companies believe that mobile devices and IoT contribute to this overload task, and 91 percent agree that intelligent automation can increase productivity. This includes artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline decision-making and improve the speed and accuracy of business processes: for this, 50 percent of respondents have already started using intelligent automation in one or more processes business, while 84 percent plan to use it in the future. And ServiceNow is ready to reap the rewards.

Source: Cubot Phones Blog