Razer would develop its own smartphone player

At the end of January, Razer offered Nextbit, a small smartphone manufacturer with unusual design and functions. If the gaming specialist promised that Nextbit would continue his life under his own brand, Razer would intend to design his own smartphone.

To develop and produce a smartphone today, one must have serious financial reserves, or be a little crazy. Is not Apple or Samsung who wants … But Razer has ambition, if we believe Bloomberg. The site would thus intend to devote much of the $ 5 billion expected from its introduction to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to create its own smartphone.

Already a mobile experience with Nextbit

Razer requires, it will be a smartphone intended first and foremost users more players. And when we said that … we almost said it all, the rumor stopped there. Obviously, the manufacturer is still in the early stages of the development phase of this smartphone, and it is waiting for the arrival of fresh money from its market entry to put the turbo and seriously attack the design of this device.

Faced with fierce competition in the smartphone market, Razer has several cards to play: a well-established brand among players and beyond, and a foot in the video game industry that should allow it to forge alliances for Provide quality content. Not to mention a capacity for innovation that other established actors do not necessarily have. It will take creativity to stand out.

In addition, a smartphone with the green colors of Razer would have a certain pace!

Source: Cubot Phones Blog