Rapid Fire Q&A Nintendo Edition – Nintendo Minute

Rapid Fire Q&A Nintendo Edition – Nintendo Minute

Hi! How are you doing? Are you happy it’s Friday? What are you doing this weekend? Are you sick of all these questions? Just kidding! This week, we did a rapid fire Q&A with each other and sure learned a lot. It’s pretty fun so we hope you try it with your friends. We’ll leave all the questions below for you. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

-Kit & Krysta

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1. Cuter – Wario or Waluigi?

2. Best GameCube hardware color?

3. Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi?

4. Favorite Nintendo controller?

5. Gorons or Zoras?

6. Would you love Pocket Card Jockey if you were racing something other than horses? Like snakes?

7. Who’s the dreamiest – Chrom or Breath of the Wild Link?

8. What Nintendo character is most misunderstood?

9. Mario Kart 64 or Mario Kart Double Dash?

10. Inverted camera controls, yes or no?

11. Are Metroid games scary?

12. What is the best Pikmin color?

13. You suffer an injury and need to undergo a medical procedure. It will cure you, but will have one of the following side effects. Which would you choose – you can only speak in Toad’s voice from here on or you grow a massive bulbous nose like Mario?

14. Who has the higher IQ – Luigi or Slippy Toad?

15. What would Kirby transform into if he ate you?

16. What do you think is Link’s favorite food in Breath of the Wild?

17. Better outfit – Princess Peach or Princess Zelda?

18. Where’d Diddy Kong get that hat?

19. Scarier Zelda thing – Majora’s Mask moon or Zelda II game over screen?

20. Which Mario Kart power up do you want your real life car to have?

21. Who smells worse – Wario, Donkey Kong or Link in Breath of the Wild?

22. Better catchphrase – “Hi I’m Daisy” or “I’m-a Wario, I’m-a gonna win”?

23. Can Nintendo Minute ever be just a minute?

24. Bowser is most disappointed in which Koopaling?

25. Better pet – Metroid or Chain Chomp?

26. If you quit your job and spent the next year training, could you become the Evo champ in Super Smash Bros.?

27. Better game – Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2?

28. In which Zelda game did you like the character of Zelda the best?

29. Who has the more grating personality – Tom Nook or Falco?

30. Donkey Kong has a great physique – to what can this be attributed? His exclusive banana diet, Kong family genetics or motivation from being berated by Cranky Kong?

31. Do you think you’ll like Super Mario Odyssey more than Breath of the Wild?

32. Describe your experience playing Breath of the Wild in one word.

33. Which Nintendo enemy annoys you the most?

34. Who do you like more Mario or Luigi?

35. What’s your most prized gaming possession?

36. Who’s hotter Peach or Daisy?

37. What do you think Reggie’s doing right now?

38. Would you rather dress like Link or Mario?

39. What was the last Nintendo game you bought?

40. Do you prefer to play Nintendo Switch in TV mode or handheld mode?

41. What’s your favorite game of all time?

42. What Nintendo game world would you most like to live in?

43. Would you rather own the Master Sword or Samus’ Power Suit?

44. You don’t cry but what game gave you the most feels?

45. Can I have your Rhythm Tengoku game?

46. What’s your favorite song from a Nintendo game?

47. If you were stranded on a desert island what game will you bring?

48. Why do you let your characters die in Fire Emblem games?

49. Which Breath of the Wild dish would you most like to eat in real life?

50. Are you a kid or a squid?

51. What Nintendo game would make the best movie?

52. Who would you rather have dinner with Bowser or Ganon?

53. If you could erase your memory of a game and experience it all over again, what would it be?

54. What is your biggest gaming regret?

55. What do you think Mr. Miyamoto ate for lunch today?

56. Who would make a better pet, Judd or Poochy?

57. What the longest you’ve ever played a game in one sitting?

58. Which Breath of the Wild power do you use the most?

59. What Nintendo character would you like to have as a bestie?

60. Best Mario Kart track of all time?

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