Prepare for All-Out Mech Warfare in World of Tanks: Mercenaries New Core Breach Mode

World of Tanks: Mercenaries has brought over 700 tanks from the 20th century to the battlefield in the five years since it launched on Xbox, but with a new limited-time mode, we’re about to unleash the tanks of the future! In Core Breach, you can jump into the cockpit of a massive Mech and duke it out with and against other Mech Pilots from around the world.

Battles take place on a brand-new battleground, pitting two teams of four Mech Pilots against each other in epic deathmatches. Deploy lasers, machine guns and missiles to wreck enemy Mechs, and destroy the most enemy Mechs to achieve victory. Unique to Core Breach, Pilots will be able to eject from their Mech and respawn to get right back into the action if they get knocked down. However, downed Mechs will experience a core breach explosion which can level entire blocks and destroy Mechs still in the radius, so watch out!

Core Breach will only be available for one week, so here’s what you need to know before you head into some frantic futuristic firefights…

World of Tanks - Core Breach

World of Tanks - Core Breach

Choose Your Mech

When you start your new career as a Mech Pilot, you’ll find there are two Mechs available to fight for you. Each one is suited to a particular playstyle, depending on whether you prefer piloting slower yet larger and more powerful Mechs, or smaller, sleeker, more agile machines. Each is geared up with the same weaponry, but there are subtle differences between them that make all the difference when you’re in the heart of a Mech brawl.

In one corner, the US Iron Soldier is a magnificent metal beast. It’s a huge Mech that’s slow to get going, but more than makes up for its lack of speed and agility with resilience and extra health, enough to outlast its opponent if it’s careful.

And in the other corner we have the USSR Steel Comrade, a sleek and deadly warrior that relies on its smaller profile, firepower and dexterity to outfox bigger opponents. While it doesn’t have the increased health and survivability of the US Iron Soldier, its firepower is much more devastating, and if it can stay one step ahead of the Iron Soldier, it can certainly get the job done.

World of Tanks - Core Breach

World of Tanks - Core Breach

Smash, Raze, and Crush!

World of Tanks: Mercenaries veterans have learned to effectively use cover to shield themselves and attack from the safety of buildings and shelter. However, in Core Breach, Old River City gives no shelter to Mechs!

In this snow-flecked riverside town, the buildings are all completely destructible, giving way to truly epic scenes as you shoot down or simply walk your Mech through structures to raze them to the ground. The town’s been evacuated, so you can cause all the havoc you want to make your Mech showdowns as explosively cinematic as possible!

World of Tanks - Core Breach

World of Tanks - Core Breach

Blast from the Past

Going from heavy metal vehicles of the 20th century to heavy metal vehicles usually associated with science fiction may seem like an unprecedented move, but Core Breach is a return to roots for Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore, formerly known as Day 1 Studios.

Back in 2002 the team developed MechAssault for Xbox, which was among the first games to launch with Xbox Live support, as well as the 2004 sequel MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. Many of the creative minds behind the MechAssault series worked to bring Core Breach to life, and we hope players enjoy this exhilarating tribute to our development history!

Core Breach is available from January 29 throughout February 4. Prepare for all-out Mech warfare today by downloading World of Tanks: Mercenaries for free from the Microsoft Store.

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