Paw-some! How to take purr-fect pictures and Super slow motion video of your pets on your Xperia smartphone

As any pet owner will know, taking pictures and videos of our furry friends is completely irresistible… and guaranteed to get plenty of likes and comments on social media.

But capturing paw-sitively incredible shots can be hard! Pets often don’t pay attention to our commands, and sitting still while you find the exact angle is not on their to-do list.

Thankfully, Sony’s Xperia XZ3 makes this as easy as possible. Its advanced Motion Eye™ camera records 960fps Super slow motion in Full HD. While you’re taking your video, simply press the Super slow motion icon as you record, timing your moment to get the best shot.

We tried it out with two dogs and two cats, slowing down their natural motions to reveal the incredible secrets of their everyday mew-vements! Check it out here:


If you’re finding it tough to get your pet to behave in an Instagram-friendly fashion, we’ve got some top tips to help you.

1 – Be patient!
Even well-trained pets won’t do what you want first time. Make sure they’re comfortable and don’t force them to do something they don’t want to. Capture the spontaneous moments they create themselves.

2 – Treats, toys and rewards
Add some movement to the video with a ball, a favourite toy or a trick (such as a roll-over). This will make your video more interesting.

3 – Keep a steady hand
It could be helpful to use a tripod or a gimbal stabiliser to ensure your footage isn’t too shaky.

4 – Make sure there’s adequate light
Super slow motion works best when there’s plenty of light. If you’re inside, stay in a well-lit room, and if you’re going on a walk or you’re out in the garden, choose hours when the sun is shining.

If your pet’s attention span is on the wane, then snapping a simple still shot while they’re nice and relaxed could be the winner.

Of course, there are millions of people posting pictures of their pets across the world, so how do you make yours stand out?

A puppy on a blanket, taken with Xperia

1 – Get up close
Pets are natural beauties! Their lovely features stand up to scrutiny even when the camera is pointed straight at them – just make sure to be sensitive when it comes to using flash.

A portrait shot of a cat, taken on Xperia

2 – Use their natural expressions
Don’t simply capture them sitting still – a yawn or a growl can add some life and vivacity to the picture.

A cat up close, taken with Xperia

3 – Be creative with your angles
When you see people taking pictures of each other for social media, it’s not uncommon to see the photographer crouching down to snap the perfect shot. And the same applies to pets! Don’t be afraid to look a little bit silly, as the resulting picture certainly won’t!

Puppy looking upwards, taken on Xperia

Have you snapped any Super slow motion videos or super cute pictures of your pets? Let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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