Darwin Project Available Now via Xbox Game Preview

Darwin Project Available Now via Xbox Game Preview

With Darwin Project, we’re taking the battle royale genre up north and into the Canadian Rockies. Ten prisoners turned hunters compete to be the last standing at sunrise using a bow and axe, as well as a variety of traps and scavenged tools. Meanwhile, an eleventh player in the Show Director drone can oversee the arena and unleash special powers like zone restriction, gravity storms, and more.

It’s been so incredible to watch Darwin Project come together over the last three years, and to celebrate its launch into Xbox Game Preview today, I thought I’d share some of the most epic ways to spend your time in the arena.

Darwin Project Screenshot

Feel Like the Predator
Tracking and manhunting are at the core of game, and the best way to hunt down your foes is to pick up clues in the arena. If other contestants have crafted an item, built a fire, or otherwise interacted with objects, picking up the resulting clues will help you track them to their current position. Follow the trail like a true Predator and look for an ambush opportunity!

Snowball Kills
What started as a joke eventually ended up becoming one of the most popular and fun features. Snowballs cost no resources to craft and don’t really do much…  except for cold damage. And since each fire reveals your location, some players might decide to wait until they are on the verge of freezing to death before building one. It’s the perfect time to strike with your snowballs!

Darwin Project Screenshot

Deflect Arrows with Your Axe
When a rival shoots at you, you can hit the incoming arrow with your axe if you’re quick enough. This little-known technique has been perfected by our Canadian lumberjack ancestors for centuries and we’re very proud to deliver it so faithfully in our game.

Follow Me if You Dare
Sometimes, when you’re caught in a showdown with another player and find yourself running out of arrows, it’s best to get a little more creative. The ol’ pretend-you’re-running-away-in-fear is always fun, especially if you happen to drop a Bear Trap on the way.

Darwin Project Screenshot

Saved by the Director
In Darwin Project, winning the favor of the Show Director is a totally valid strategy. And there’s nothing more satisfying than scoring the clutch heal, warm up, or speed up power you need to get out of a sticky situation.

Punish Cowardly Contestants
Some of the cabins have holographic screens in them (they’re easy to identify with their big antennas) where you can see the locations of all other players still alive. Notice a player that’s not moving around and potentially trying to avoid encounters? They might not be tempted to repeat that strategy when you come barging in with a set of nocked Fire Arrows.

Darwin Project Screenshot

Snowball… Tennis?
Just like arrows, snowballs can be bounced back with the axe. Snowball chain bouncing has become such a popular activity that we included an actual counter in the lobby. By the way, the current record is 16!

Darwin Project is available today in Xbox Game Preview for $14.99 USD. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates, and join our Discord to interact with our community. See you in the arena!

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Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud™ on AWS

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A Kenyan entrepreneur’s personal inspiration - #Insiders4Good

A Kenyan entrepreneur’s personal inspiration – #Insiders4Good

A Kenyan entrepreneur’s personal inspiration - #Insiders4Good

In this video, Njeri Peter Mwangi of Kenya shares his journey behind his startup, Mega Gas, which aims to provide cleaner and safer alternatives to wood and charcoal cooking fuel.

Peter was awarded a Windows #Insider4Good East Africa Fellowship in 2017 as part of an initiative of the Windows Insider Program that aims to support promising entrepreneurs in turning their extraordinary social business ideas into reality.

For more information about Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program, visit: https://aka.ms/info_WindowsInsider

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