Limited Time Offer: FREE 4 Month NoteVault Subscription with Cat® phones

Exclusive to Cat® phones users for a limited time only, we’ve teamed up with mobile reporting app NoteVault to offer our customers a free 4 month subscription to the smartphone application, worth $390.

Available via the Cat phones app store, the NoteVault app is an innovative mobile solution for those working in construction and project management. Users of the app can “call in” notes from their location which is then transcribed and automatically emailed to project stakeholders, meaning that reports can be created and dealt with in real-time. The innovative app saves projects time and money while providing a vital safeguard against potential lawsuits.

The project management app is a perfect fit for the Cat phones rugged smartphone portfolio which has also been designed to thrive in tough environments and assist with on-the-go working from the construction site to the office. With this limited time only offer – available until 30th April 2016 – there’s never been a stronger all-in-one solution for those working in tough environments. The offer is available to both new and current Cat rugged smartphones users.   

The NoteVault Premium Account includes:

* NoteVault Daily Reporting Platform

* Notes! app for Android or iOS

* Activities crew app for Android or iOS

* Unlimited human transcription

* Immediate notification of incidents through keyword notification

* Collaboration with colleagues

Offer is redeemable until 30th April 2016.

Limited time offer includes free 4 month subscription (equivalent to $390) to the NoteVault app via new and old Cat smartphones. Exclusive to Cat phones only.

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Source: Cat Phones Blog

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