LG: Smartphone repair at MediaMarkt and Saturn

LG: Smartphone repair at Media Markt and Saturn

LG is launching a new pilot project in local electronics stores to allow the repair of smartphones locally. Both cases of warranty and the repair self-inflicted damage such as a broken screen can be used.

For now, only at Media-Saturn

The project will start first in 180 markets of retail chains Media Markt and Saturn. Following the repair option to other markets and other trading partners should be extended. Restrictions on certain smartphone models like the top models G6 (test) or G5 (Test) takes LG not before apparently. Other services the exchange of the battery, a software update or a backup should belong. A price list for repairs out of warranty should ausliegen on site.

Locations there is only on the phone

An openly available list of participating locations do not exist, they can (20 cents /. Call from a landline, max 60 cents / call mobile) is available currently only on the LG Hotline under the number 01806 115,411th

Source: Cubot Phones Blog