Keep your email secure with Office 365

As the person responsible for supporting a mobile workforce, you face complicated and ever-changing threats like data privacy, security and advanced threat protection. Viruses and hacks are real threats that cause damage to businesses every day, and email protection must be at the top of your list.

With this in mind, we created an advanced secure email service with Office 365.

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Here are just a few of the ways Office 365, including Exchange Online and Outlook, protects your business’s emails:

Data privacy and security

It’s your data; you control and manage access with incident reports, proactive controls to maintain compliance and secure mobile freedom. You’ll be confident about where your data is, who has access and what happens to it—with the added bonus of a 99.9 percent uptime commitment—and you can be sure it won’t be mined for ads or shared with third parties.

Enterprise-level authentication and security certification

There’s no need for additional virus software for advanced protection. When tackling external threats, use Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection to secure email inboxes against sophisticated attacks in real time. You’re in control of internal protection: controlling access permissions with information rights management (IRM) to keep unauthorized people from printing, forwarding or copying sensitive information; and controlling transport rules, actions and exceptions with data loss prevention (DLP).

Mobile freedom without compromise

Odds are, someone at your business will use mobile email access; most businesses can’t work without it. Now, 93 percent of businesses have remote workers who rely on mobile technology for mobile productivity. Don’t choose between mobile access or data security; mobile device management (MDM) enables you to manage Office 365 access across devices, and other features prevent unauthorized access.

Protecting your business, however, means more than just safeguarding your inbox from spam and viruses. Office 365 adheres to 10 privacy compliance standards and automatically provides business users with the most up-to-date apps, as soon as they launch. To learn more about these security features, check out our eBooks, “Your Business, Secured” and “5 questions executives should be asking their security teams.”

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Keep your email secure with Office 365

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