IPhone 8, iPhone 7s (Plus): Test production should be started

Assuming Apple iPhone 8 Picture ForbesIPhone 8, 7s (Plus) Launch of the test production – On the September Keynote of Apple the models iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are expected. Due to alleged production problems with the OLED display and the placement of Touch ID, so far a delayed start has existed. Apparently, however, already first test devices from the tape.

IPhone 8, iPhone 7s (Plus): First test devices probably run off the tape

Because of alleged problems in the manufacture of certain iPhone 8 components, is not sure if Apple is creating it to launch new flagship model on time in September. So for some time now the gourmet kitchen.

Latest news from an insider source, however, all three iPhone models, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s plus and the anniversary iPhone 8 will be launched on time from September onwards.

New iPhone models should start on time

On Twitter the Leaker Benjamin Geskin announced that the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and also the iPhone 8 will start punctually in September. According to the tweet, the first test devices are already running out of the production line and about 200 units are currently being produced every day. An imminent mass production is, therefore, nothing to prevent.

So far, there is no exact description of where Apple Touch ID will be placed in the iPhone 8. According to Geskin, the fingerprint sensor is at least in the test devices of the iPhone 8 in the display. It could be concluded that Apple solved the problem. In previous reports it was assumed that the Touch ID might be integrated into the Power button. Benjamin Geskin, however, does not provide information on where this information comes from. Therefore, until the Apple keynote, such statements are unfortunately still unconfirmed. Image: Assuming Apple iPhone 8 Image Forbes.

Source: Cubot Phones Blog