Humans of ASUS feat. Mark Chen

Humans of ASUS feat. Mark Chen

It takes many of us, doing a lot of work, to bring every product to the market. One person cannot do it alone. At ASUS, a great product requires R&D, product design, and quality testing teams, as well as a strong sales team to smoothly launch products into an competitive marketplace. At ASUS, all processes are seamlessly integrated, by teams working together, so users see and feel a high level of quality, craftsmanship, and performance in every ASUS product. These qualities are all part of our ASUS brand value.

As a product manager, I think about products from inception to launch. It is important for me to have passion, and prioritize wisely, in order to smoothly bring products to consumers in the best way. It is a thrill organizing, and mobilizing all product-launching teams. At ASUS, product success is the responsibility of more than just one person. It is my honor to be a part of our brilliantly successful teams. We have the passion, and it shows in our products.

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