Huawei initiates NFV-ITI & accelerates NFV Commercialization with Partners

Huawei initiates NFV-ITI & accelerates NFV Commercialization with Partners

Recently, Huawei, Cisco, Ericsson, and Nokia signed the Memorandum of Understanding to create the NFV Interoperability Testing Initiative (NFV-ITI), optimize NFV deployment and integration costs, simplify multi-vendor integration complexity, and reduce the “time-to-market” for new applications and services.

NFV-ITI members work intensively to address challenges relating to NFV deployment and cloud transformation within multi-vendor network environments.

In order to make a large-scale promotion of NFV to telecommunication network carriers, NFV-ITI members need to guarantee the interoperability amongst a variety of products so that carriers can integrate existing commercial products and layered-purchased products from various vendors. The main objective of NFV-ITI is to promote and create alignment of generic principles for NFV interoperability tests to keep up with customers’ requirements in different interoperability scenarios. NFV-ITI members provide the interoperability tests and technical support for their NFV products in different scenarios, and recommend generic principles including interoperability test cases, test criteria, processes, methods, guidelines, templates, as well as testing tools, and apply best practices from all existing interoperability testing activities within the industry.

Huawei decouples the NFV structure and offers the NFV infrastructure (NFVI) solution based on the ETSI NFV ISG standard architecture, that is, Huawei NFVI solution. Huawei OpenStack-based FusionCloud NFVI solution is able to satisfy customer demands regarding performance, reliability, the automation of a commercial solution. FusionCloud NFVI also provides orchestration for multi-vendor VNF services through standard OpenStack APIs.

Adhering to the philosophy of establishing a healthy ecosystem and achieving a win-win cooperation, Huawei launched an NFV open lab in Xi’an in 2015. The aim of the NFV open lab is to support products of multiple vendors and verify reintegration with them, contribute to multi-party collaboration, and drive innovative solutions. Huawei also owns NFV open labs in Shanghai, Santa Clara (US), and Munich (Germany). As of the third quarter in 2016, 55 third-party interoperability tests in NFV and 33 third-party interoperability tests in SDN have been completed. With the establishment of NFV-ITI, all open labs facilitate the interoperability tests of products from multiple vendors and address the challenges related to the compatibility and interconnection among the carriers through network mirroring environments. All relevant VNF vendors are welcome to cooperate with Huawei by accessing

Huawei anticipates more partners will join the NFV-ITI initiative and works with them in realizing NFV commercialization.

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