HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI Solution Becomes a World Leading Solution

HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI Solution Becomes a World Leading Solution

Recently, GlobalData, a leading global IT and telecom research institute, released the NFVI Competitive Landscape Assessment 2017 report and regarded HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution as a global leader with comprehensive capabilities in NFVI solutions. The report shows that Huawei is the provider that has announced the greatest number NFVI deployments globally.

Contributed by Donglan Zhang (Cloud Computing Marketing, IT Product Line)

Why is HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution so popular in the market?

Proficiency in CT, expertise in ICT

Huawei is proficient in communications technology (CT), and has expertise in providing IT support for carriers. With profound telecom background, rich project experience, and powerful R&D capabilities and delivery teams, Huawei can provide carrier-class NFVI solutions that have high performance, high reliability, high availability, and easy O&M.

HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution uses Huawei FusionSphere Cloud OS that is deeply optimized for telecom services to ensure low E2E service latency and high network throughput. The E2E latency of running data services on NFV is equivalent to that on traditional telecom platforms (< 1 ms), meeting telecom high performance requirement.

According to the GlobalData report, the high availability (HA) feature of HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution ensures effective service disaster recovery and backup, and the live migration technology allows the system to be maintained and upgraded without interrupting services. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution provides data security VMs, cloud host HA mechanisms, and second-level fault detection technologies to ensure service high reliability.

In terms of easy O&M, HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution provides various automatic and intelligent methods for installation, software upgrade, resource monitoring, alarm and performance management, and fault diagnosis, greatly improving efficiency and addressing increasingly complex network O&M challenges. The automatic upgrade process management system enables automatic upgrade of all cluster nodes without interrupting services. This greatly reduces difficulties in managing the platform. GlobalData highly recognizes the easy O&M capability of HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution, which provides a visualized template for users to easily create VDCs and simplifies O&M.

Openness and integration, preventing vendor lock-in

Service flexibility is an important reason for carriers to implement NFV. That is, decouple, standardize, and generalize hardware and software that are strongly bound by vendors to adapt to and respond to future services quickly. Therefore, openness is an important factor for carriers to choose an NFVI solution.

OpenStack-based NFVI has been recognized among telecom carriers. HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution is based on Huawei FusionSphere Cloud OS. This solution has northbound compatibility with multi-vendor VNFM and VNF through standard open OpenStack APIs and southbound compatibility with mainstream servers, storage devices, and network devices in the industry to prevent vendor lock-in. Huawei is a platinum member of the OpenStack community and is the first Chinese provider to win this honor.

Huawei has been committed to promoting industry development, actively participating in various standard communities and summits, promoting network virtualization, and helping enterprises and service providers achieve digital transformation. Huawei is marked as an industry leader by GlobalData. Huawei has set up an NFV Open Lab in Xi’an, China, to carry out NFV multi-vendor solution integration verifications, expand joint innovations, and construct industry chains. Huawei cooperates with various partners, standard organizations, and open source organizations for in-depth R&D.

Promoting cloud-based telecom to bridge carriers’ today to tomorrow

Huawei has industry-leading NFVI solutions for the cloudification of carrier telecom devices and HUAWEI CLOUD™ NFVI solution has been deployed for over 260 projects around the world. Huawei serves global top carriers, including Vodafone, Telefonica, Zain, Sunrise, Safaricom, and XL. Recently, Huawei has become a strategic partner of Vodafone’s OpenStack cloud platform.

The mission of HUAWEI CLOUD is to bridge today to tomorrow of enterprises. Huawei implements NFVI based on the virtualization technology to provide carriers with a new network product environment, which enables carriers to evolve from CT to ICT and connect their present and future.

Huawei is not satisfied with the standardization and virtualization of ICT network hardware. Instead, Huawei is dedicated to introducing and extending cloud technologies to various fields of basic networks. The goal is to help customers adopt business-driven approach to delivering a premium experience and exploring future in VR, AR, AI, and even Internet of Everything.

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