How to take the perfect selfie

When we design a smartphone we want it to make your life better. The things that are important to you are important to us.

We know Xperia users value an impressive rear camera, attractive design and up to two-day battery life1, but when the word ‘selfie’ entered the dictionary all those years ago, it became official that a powerful front-facing camera was a must-have. Over a million selfies are taken every day but as any smartphone user and selfie lover will know, taking the most flattering photo can be a difficult skill to to master. Xperia X has a 13MP front facing camera, with an Exmor RSTM for mobile sensor that makes it possible to get a great picture in any condition. All you need to know is how to make the most of it.

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that will help you get the perfect selfie in any condition.

Step 1 – Know your angle

Selfies are first of all about creating a photo of yourself that you love. The key to any selfie lover’s success is learning which angle works for you. Forget about anyone else and try taking photos from a range of different angles until you find one that accentuates your features in the way that you really like.


Step 2 – Find the best lighting (or let the phone do the work)

Natural light sources and a softly lit back wall are all renowned for providing the best selfie lighting. Obviously on a night out or even just around the house, these may not be readily available, so the re-imagined front camera on Xperia X has a high ISO sensitivity and improved Superior Auto+ scene recognition, so that you’re able to get natural detail and clarity wherever you are.

Xperia XA’s front camera incorporates highly responsive sensors that allow stunning photos to be captured even in the dark of night. The big Exmor RSTM for mobile sensor is 2.6x bigger than in earlier device cameras and allows a whole load more light in than most mobile camera sensors. This results in more natural detail without the need to use flash.

Step 3 – Take your time 

Selfie experts (e.g. the people around the office we asked) say that taking the perfect selfie requires patience. Not many people can get the perfect selfie in one shot, so taking a few in order to find the right one is common practice.

But this isn’t ideal, and so we built Xperia X with advanced technology that lets you get the best shots first time. One way we do this is by letting you switch quickly between your front and rear camera simply by swiping down on the screen. Perfect for when you need to catch a great picture on the go.

Step 4 – Frame the shot

Framing is always important in photography and selfies are no different. Make sure you prep your picture. If you’re taking a shot, make sure you prepare the area around you. A quick tidy of your room can stop anything from detracting eyes away from you.

Step 5 – Adjust your settings

Selfie LYour Xperia X will always aim to get true to life imagery when you press the camera button, but with the manual settings, you can optimise the camera so your photos come out looking just as you want them. Additional to this, the Style Portrait app on Xperia X contains a whole range of fun settings for selfies. The ‘suntan’ setting is perfect for achieving that sought after sun-kissed glow, whilst a colourful bubble app can add a playful effect.

Step 6 – Strike a pose

Pouting, smiling and a playful tongue poke are all great ways to achieve a selfie to be proud of. One thing you don’t want is a confused look as you try to press the camera button. If you struggle with two things at once then switch on ‘smile shutter’ in the settings menu. This tracks your face and automatically takes a picture when you smile to the camera – making selfie taking an easy experience. You can even customise the ‘smile shutter’ to shoot based on the size of your smile, covering you from a little smirk to a toothy grin!

Step 7 – Find a friend

Whilst selfies are really about you, nothing makes taking a selfie as meaningful as capturing the moment with friends and creating a timeless memory. Thanks to its wide-angle lens and 5” Full HD screen, you can fit all your friends into the frame without compromising quality.

Step 8 – Post online

The last move is to share your selfies with others on social media. You can do this straight from the camera app. Let us know how you got on by sharing your selfies with us on Twitter @sonymobilenews. We hope this has been helpful for you and happy selfie taking!


1 On Xperia X and Xperia XA only. Battery life has been measured against Sony Mobile Communications AB’s smartphone usage profile, defined in September 2014 to represent the typical smartphone user’s active condition, including but not limited to a range of usage scenarios (calling, texting, web browsing, social networking, game playing, music listening, picture taking, picture browsing, online video watching, video recording and playback.)


Source: Sony Mobile Blog

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