Hide, Seek, and Survive: PUBG Season 10 is Available Now

Welcome to Haven.

In PUBG Season 10, we’re bringing the new map called Haven, an industrial island in the rust belt of America. There is a carbon steel works, coal yards, industrial and residential zones, an overpass, and docks where you can hide, seek, and survive to become the winner of intense battles.

PUBG Season 10

In Haven, players will take each other on in the dense, urban streets and rooftops but this haven is anything but safe. Players will be faced with a new threat during their matches with an enemy faction working against them. This faction, named Pillar, is heavily armed and is none too happy about you being on their turf.

PUBG Season 10

You’ll have to avoid the Pillar Scout Helicopter attempting to track and spot survivors from the sky. Those unlucky enough to be caught by its spotlight will need to move quickly to avoid the Pillar Tactical Truck as it closes in and attempts to quickly eliminate its target with bullets and fire. Finally, players will have to deal with Pillar Guards and Commanders. These soldiers are heavily armored, but those who manage to take them down can find powerful gear in the caches they guard.

PUBG Season 10

Also, a new Survivor Pass is prepared for you to help enjoy the night sky in the dark and skylines of Haven. Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has all the gear you need to take on the mean streets of Haven. Featuring cool new looks based on lore characters and even the new enemy faction, you’ll have plenty of great rewards to unlock as you fight your way through all 100 levels. One more thing: The Survivor Pass will give you G-Coins worth $10 USD as a special reward to save for the next season.

New DLC packs are also available for purchase for you to gear up and get a head start on Season 10:

PUBG Season 10

Breakthrough Advanced Pack
Includes Survivor Pass: Breakthrough, Fractured Spade Tank Top, Prototype Sweatpants, OCW Slippers and 20 Levels. (This DLC is only available for first 2 weeks.)

PUBG Season 10

Breakthrough Pack
Includes Survivor Pass: Breakthrough, Fractured Spade Tank Top, Prototype Sweatpants, OCW Slippers and 5 Levels.

PUBG Season 10

PUBG – G-Coin Value Pack
Includes 500 G-coin, Crash Test Jumper, Crash Test Handwraps and Crash Test Sneakers.

See you on the Battlegrounds.

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