Help someone in need by donating your old phone

Imagine that you don’t have anyone special to share Christmas with. No family, no loved ones and nowhere to call home. How you would get a job and turn your life around when you’re totally disconnected from the real world, never mind the digital world? Today, we all use apps to stay connected to people, and up to date with worldly events. But to around 20 million people, this is a privilege that they just don’t have. And having a mobile phone would be a dream present that’s completely of reach.

That’s where you can help. Why not recycle your old phone and do some good at the same time? It couldn’t be easier. Drop off your old phone at one of our recycling points in-store and it’ll be revamped and sent out to a charity. They’ll give it to a disadvantaged person to use it for up to 3 months. You could be helping an unemployed person to get interviews and job alerts. Or even increase someone’s sense of independence and knowledge of all things digital. The Reconnected team are currently working with charities like Business in the Community, The Hyde Group and Good Things Foundation to support new opportunities for people.

We’ve also got a handful of SIMs to give away, so please get in touch if you know of a charity we could support. Our email is

We’re passionate about how technology can help individuals to reconnect with people and places. We know it can make a real difference to their future. Find out more about our Reconnected program now and please get involved if you can.

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