From Fujitsu SAP environments fully optimized for the digital world

Da Fujitsu ambienti SAP completamente ottimizzati per il mondo digitale

Fujitsu continues its path to accelerate the process of digital transformation of companies by creating dedicated solutions in the SAP environment.

At SAPPHIRE NOW, which took place from 16 to 18 May in Orlando, Florida, Fujitsu presented the new services and the most innovative solutions for the SAP world, which are divided into four areas: Connected Enterprise, Customer Engagement, Productivity and Digital Transformation .

Fujitsu can boast profound knowledge of SAP and its business processes, supporting over 10,000 SAP customers. The technology partnership between the two companies has been going on for over 40 years. Fujitsu combines a high level of hardware know-how with a knowledge of the different levels of services that enable it to streamline, consolidate and manage complex SAP systems, simplify SAP deployment processes through a proven methodology and support customers in Take advantage of the latest versions of the SAP management system through SAP S / 4 HANA to simplify and speed up the process of digital transformation.

At SAPPHIRE NOW, Fujitsu XpressWay for SAP S / 4HANA, the all-in-one SAP Solution for companies that want to transform and optimize entire SAP platforms for digital transformation and the Fujitsu Analytics Accelerator Platform for SAP Vora platforms. Thanks to live demos, Fujitsu has demonstrated how to perform consolidated business analysis with a high level of structured and de-structured interactive information gathering information from both enterprise systems and Hadoop databases.

High performance infrastructures and application environments support the development of new business models based on SAP HANA and SAP S / 4HANA, linking people, devices and business networks in real time. Also at SAPPHIRE Fujitsu has introduced XpressWay, the solution that can bridge the gap between IT and business services by aligning technology to business processes so that customers can succeed in their digital transformation path.

Thomas Kriechbaum, Chief Process Officer HOERBIGER, Fujitsu and SAP, said: “We are completely reforming our processes and implementing S / 4HANA technology. Fujitsu is the partner that is supporting us in the transformation process, ensuring our systems are in line 24/7 worldwide, an essential part of our business. Fujitsu also provides our in-depth knowledge on how to implement the latest S / 4HANA technology. “

While SAP S / 4HANA collects good market feedback, Fujitsu offers a wide range of services and solutions: PRIMEFLEX for integrated SAP environments to the cloud-based pay-as-you-go solution; Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, running HANA workloads in a cloud environment on a high performance memory computing engine. In addition, Fujitsu offers SAP services managed by 16 dedicated data centers around the world and boasts over 2800 SAP consultants. And for cloud-based delivery models, Fujitsu provides Cloud Foundry services to manage SAP DevOps environments as a key part of the larger cloud environments.


Create smart, connected and future-oriented businesses

In today’s era of IoT and Big Data, Fujitsu’s SAP solutions support businesses in becoming intelligent, connected, and modern. In Fujitsu’s Virtual Factory set up at the event, Fujitsu Connected Enterprise’s solution was introduced: the convergence of IT and operating technologies enables proactive management and simplified business operations, providing in-depth information on all aspects of the business productive. When coupled with advanced analyzes, intelligent automation minimizes risk, reduces operating costs, and increases both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Asif Poonja, VP and Practice Leader, Fujitsu America, Inc. said: “Getting the most out of any SAP architecture requires not only technological upgrading, but also requires an important streamlining of processes, breaking silos and remodeling them with S / 4HANA. Many organizations recognize the need for such a platform but are uncertain about how to introduce and use the full benefits of SAP HANA and SAP S / 4HANA systems performance. We ensure that organizations can rethink and optimize business processes, feature functions, and benefit from new solutions in key areas such as customer interaction, business innovation, and business productivity. “

Full range of solutions for SAP environments

For customers seeking an optimized solution for SAP environments, next-generation Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST servers ensure a secure business continuity and supreme scalability. PRIMEQUEST is a scalable and secure system that can easily provide new services, ensuring that customers are well prepared for future growth. In addition, pre-defined and pre-tested PRIMEFLEX integrated systems for SAP systems provide a robust and agile infrastructure to ensure SAP implementation and operation, fast and secure, helping to accelerate SAP transformation processes.

Source: Cubot Phones Blog