Fashion fuelled by 5G

At London Fashion Week 2020 we’re celebrating our real 5G network roll-out by presenting the fashion show of the future.


Think global model Adwoa Aboah. Think the very best minds and designs from the fashion future, thanks to our partnership with iconic Central Saint Martins. And then combine them with our real 5G to enjoy a journey onto the catwalk of the 21st century.


Invitees to this fashion event won’t just see the cuts and colours of next season. They’ll hear, feel and even smell the scent of visionary style. 3D audio, haptic feedback, a 46 metre projection the length of the runway. There’ll even be an array of aromas to blow your senses, as well as your mind.


And it doesn’t stop there. The show culminates with Adwoa walking the runway, whilst she watches from the FROW. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to 106 synchronised cameras, a 3D volumetric version of the Vogue cover star has been created to showcase just how 5G can transform fashion.


A 5G fashion industry

5G’s extraordinary capabilities usher in a future where models can walk multiple shows during fashion seasons across the world. Not only is our ultra-fast 5G transforming the traditional catwalk show by turning it into a truly immersive experience, but the speed, reliability and low-lag of our real 5G paves the way for future fashionista heaven. They’ll be viewing the flow and cut of fabrics super-close and in great detail as if the models and clothes were actually there. But in reality, they’re a cab, city, or a flight away.


5G sustainability

This makes 5G a potential hero of sustainability. It will transform the way the fashion industry operates, drastically reducing waste by cutting the number of sample outfits created. It will cut travel requirements. And it will bring another dimension to the spectacle of the catwalk. Reinventing it into a hyper-immersive event, an entertainment space, and creating a new opportunity for the industry.


5G future

Combining the worlds of fashion, design and technology to create new products and experiences is just what our real 5G is about. Think big. Then think bigger. 5G can transform events, sensations, the way we live our lives. It’s all set to reinvent home, work and, when we’re up for maximum buzz, the very nature of entertainment.


How to view the show

If your name’s not on the list for our 5G fuelled fashion event, don’t stress. You’ll be able to view it on our Instagram feed @threeuk and check back here for some amazing content after the show.



Catch up with our 2019 5G fashion event

Our partnership with Central Saint Martins began at London Fashion Week last year. Designer Gerrit Jacob used our real 5G alongside Magic Leap to create the world’s first mixed reality show. We enhanced his collection and brought his inspirations to 5G life all in real-time.


Find out more about our real 5G and enjoy Jacob’s vision of the future.


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