Fan-Favorite Games of 2018 | Nintendo Power Podcast

Fan-Favorite Games of 2018 | Nintendo Power Podcast

What was the year’s most fun multiplayer game that secretly ruins friendships? What was the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moment? What was the best game of 2018? These questions keep our panel up at night. Host Chris Slate and guests Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang from Nintendo Minute need their rest, so we asked our trustworthy listeners to vote on the answers in this special year-end episode.

01:40 – Most Fun Multiplayer Game That Secretly Ruins Friendships
04:31 – Best Retro Redux (New games in a retro style)
08:15 – The “Welcome Back” Category (Remastered/enhanced games)
12:27 – The “Whoa, Neat!” Category (Cool/creative new products)
15:44 – Best Ballgame
17:37 – Most Hype Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Moment
22:28 – Most Challenging Game
27:00 – Most Relaxing Game
29:30 – Best-Looking Game
31:49 – Best Soundtrack
34:08 – Best Narrative
37:45 – Character of the Year
55:21 – Players’ Game of the Year

Games discussed have been rated EVERYONE to MATURE by the ESRB.

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