Family Photography Tips with Xperia 5 lV and Andy Mann

Family Photography Tips with Xperia 5 lV and Andy Mann

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Looking for the most effective ways to capture shots of your family as we head into 2023? Watch on as pro photographer and videographer Andy Mann shares his advice on how we can capture all the beautiful memories we make with our family and friends, all using the features of Xperia 5 lV.​ Looking to digitize your old photos or home videos? Visit and check out EverPresent’s services.

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“I’ve never regretted a single image I’ve taken with my family as you look back on those one day and you realise how valuable they are.”​

Professional photographer and videographer Andy Mann ( @andy_mann ) has taken pictures of a lot of subjects, but none as close to home as his own family. Here Andy explains how you can get the most out of shots with family and friends with Xperia 5 IV.​

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