Doro Primo 805 – The £1.99 Phone

Doro Primo 805 – The £1.99 Phone

Small phones. BIG phones. Phones for photography. Phones for just calling & texting. At O2, we know every customer has different needs and requirements when it comes to a mobile phone.

These days every new phone seems to be about dual camera systems, fancy displays and super fast whatchamacallits. But what if all you’re after is a mobile phone – for, you know… just phoning or texting people?

Whether you’re looking for an additional basic phone, a phone to take to a festival without fear of ruining your fancy smartphone, or simply to get an easy-to-use phone for a relative, the Doro 805 Primo could be exactly what you’re after. And at just £1.99 from O2 stores when purchased with a £20 top-up, it might be even cheaper than using one of these things – if you can find one, that is.

Doro Primo 805 – The £1.99 Phone

The iconic British telephone box

So, what does £1.99 get you?
These days – not much. You might just about be able to buy:

  • A cheap sandwich for lunch
  • A coffee (for £1.99, forget about a large Americano – it’ll be a small!)
  • A short bus/underground journey
  • 8 Freddo bars (but only if you find an extra penny – otherwise you’ll only get 7 Freddos and 24p change)

Or for only £1.99 you can get the Doro Primo 805 which features:

  • A clear 2.4″ display in a flip-phone design
  • Stay in touch, simply. With separated direct dial keys, call, text or send photos to friends & family with ease
  • Leave the charger at home. With a standby time of up to 19 days, it’s always ready to use
  • With loud and clear sound, hear everything the first time

Want one?
If you’re looking to get your hands on this no fuss, simple, reliable phone then head to your nearest O2 store and you can get yours for just £1.99 when purchased with a £20 top-up. Find your nearest O2 store here:

You can also buy the Doro Primo 805 online for £19.99 without a top-up here

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