Discover What Makes the New Fitbit Dashboard Awesome

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Notice anything different in the Fitbit app lately? If you’re an iOS or Windows user, the most likely answer to that question is yes—there’s a whole new dashboard experience!

When dashboard suggestions from Fitbit users started popping up recently, our designers listened. They took a hard look at what you loved and what you didn’t, and decided to reimagine what you can see on your screen—and how the information is displayed. Creating a new experience that allows you to easily view more of the data that’s important to you.

Why is the new design so cool? It gives you more control over the information you want to see on your screen. During early research Fitbit learned you wanted a better visual representation of the dashboard—you wanted to be able to view as much of your data as possible at a glance. The new dashboard delivers!

By taking advantage of your entire screen, the new dashboard presents information in a more dynamic way. And with the help of new progress-meter graphics, now you can instantly see how close you are to reaching your daily health and fitness goals. Having a better view of your data and your daily progress could ultimately help you make more informed health choices—setting you up to nail your health and fitness goals!

Here are all the features you’ll find in the new dashboard:

newdashboardNEW DAILY STATS TILE The new Daily Stats tile highlights your progress towards your daily activity goals. On the new dashboard you can see more stats at one time—giving you a more complete view of your health without having to do much scrolling. Tapping on each stat allows you to see more detail and history.

NEW TILES All of your tiles have a new look! Thanks to the new square shape, tiles can now display more detailed information and have their own individual style. The new sleep tile is a great example—it allows you to see more of your sleep data on the dashboard without having to click in. But when you do tap on a tile, you’re able to access more features.

MORE PERSONALIZATION Tap “’Edit” in the top right corner to choose and rearrange the stats you see in your dashboard.

QUICK LOGGING The new dashboard also makes it easier for you to start an exercise, log food or water, and set alarms. That way you can quickly track your activities and input your data more easily throughout your busy day.

The new dashboard is now available for iOS and Windows users. An opt-in experience for Android users is anticipated to be released later this year.

Discover What Makes the New Fitbit Dashboard Awesome

Source: Fitbit Blog

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