Common misconceptions about OLED TVs│Samsung

Common misconceptions about OLED TVs│Samsung

Uncover the truth behind OLED TVs and why people chose QLED. Global No.1 TV Brand for 13 years, Samsung.

Common misconceptions about OLED TVs.
OLED TV doesn’t require a separate light source?
WOLED TV would need a separate light source and color filter.

Does OLED TV produce rich colors?
WOLED TV produces limited colors.

Can OLED TV last long?
No, because WOLED TV is more susceptible to TV burn-in.

Is OLED TV actually as thin as paper?
Maybe, but not the bottom part.

What about large-screen OLED TVs?
Limited, because of technological differences.

Therefore, people chose Samsung QLED.


Source: Samsung Mobile YouTube