Colourful action platformer Baboon! swings onto PS4 this week

Hey PlayStation fans, Jon Cortazar from Relevo here! It’s time to present an original action platformer for your PS4. But this won’t be your straightforward classic 2D casual game experience, I promise!

Baboon! is something different – full of depth, with a funny story, constant gameplay twists, really challenging stages and tonnes of secrets and sidequests. Everything we love about videogames is mostly there… well except zombies, ninjas and robots. Or zombie ninja robots.

When playing Baboon!, you’ll take the role of Tumbili, a little monkey that can’t jump, so he needs to bomb himself through the skies in order to recover all floating bananas. The culprit of this flying fruit chaos is no other than the evil Pirate Baboon and his gang of dastardly foes, who are messing around with Banana Island’s inhabitants with the help of gadgets such as jetpacks or the mighty antigravity raygun. And this is just the start of Tumbili’s great adventure!


Meet Shinobu, the biker-on-a-mission who will reluctantly help you in your quest; Pitt the polar bear, an artist in search of his muse; Ayane, the shy couturier, living in the woods amongst the monkey engineers or Hikoni, the top chef of the whole island, along with more than 50 different characters with unique stories and sidequests. Be sure to watch the trailer for a glimpse of what you can expect from the game!

In your adventure you’ll travel snowy montains, dangerous volcanos, haunted mansions… and also participate in crazy sports such as the Turtle Bowl. In your way you’ll face the evil Penguin Posse ruled by Emperor Coldleone, the beetnick band of the irritating Queen Beectoria and lots of different enemies and big bosses who’ll try to trash your plans. But with the help of all your friends and the dozens of items you can gather during your play you’ll be able to succeed and, who knows, even unlock the secret world hidden in the game!


Clever puzzles, automatic scrolling levels, shoot ’em up stages, different kinds of explosives with their unique effects, and even references to classic games such as Space Invaders or Arkanoid; are but a few of the amusing surprises you’ll experience in Baboon! It feels just like your loved old-school 16-bit game but with rich and colourful cartoon-styled visuals, coming in glorious 1080p and constant 60 fps.

All in all, a fun and crazy experience, with a great dose of hardcore platform action, lots of replayability and more than 60 levels with three different challenges each, which leads to lots of hours of gameplay. Also don’t miss the superb soundtrack, directed by Hideyuki Fukusawa, of Street Fighter 4 fame!

Baboon! is coming out on PlayStation Store tomorrow, 26th April. If you are looking for a different experience just give Baboon! a try and don’t forget to tell your friends how bombastic the game is!

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