Can’t bear the same old snaps? Here’s how we took unique travel photography in Berlin

These days, going somewhere on vacation – or even just a work trip – isn’t just a time to relax and take in your surroundings. It’s an opportunity to show off your smartphone photography skills.

With smartphone cameras able to capture incredible images, you have a device right there in your pocket that can snap enviable pictures on-the-go.

Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, Xperia 5, houses a standout triple lens camera that can deliver beautiful images of different scenes, whether you’re taking pictures in daylight, lowlight or the magical ‘golden hour’ before sunrise and after sunset.

We’ve already taken Xperia smartphones on our travels, showing you how to capture amazing images on your city break, as well as how to find unique shots when you’re pressed up against other tourists in some of the world’s most-visited places.

But with the UN estimating that we now take 1.4 billion holidays a year, it’s harder than ever to find those unique shots that offer our friends, family and followers that never-before-seen shot.

We took Xperia 5 and its triple camera (housing 16mm, 26mm and 52mm lenses) on the road with us in Berlin, showcasing how to take pictures that differ from the norm.

Explore different cultures
When you visit a new city, there’s always the temptation to tick off all the usual sights and sounds that take pride of place in every tourist guidebook. But cities are made up of hundreds of different cultures, so why not explore lesser known areas to find new material to shoot.

Multi-coloured wall and roof
(Settings: Aperture: f /2.4; Exposure time: 1/64s; Flash: off; Focal length: 5.95mm; ISO: 40)

Trinkets can make treasure
Impressive architectural sights can often make for good photographs, but it’s worth going on the hunt for eye-catching patterns and displays you see on the street. These colourful pompoms look like sea anemones climbing on top of one another!

Multi-coloured pompoms arranged to look like the ocean floor
(settings: Aperture: f /1.6; Exposure time: 1/200s; Flash: off; Focal length: 4.26mm; ISO: 64)

Lean in closer
Whether it’s spectacular street art that makes an immediate impression, or an everyday installation (think park benches, street lamps) that seems to stand out from the crowd, it’s worth trying different angles and lenses to nab the best shot. Here, we got in super close to capture the patterns in the metalwork, resulting in a mesmerising effect.

Zoomed in close up shot of the patterns in metalwork taken on the Xperia 5
(Settings: Aperture: f /1.6; Exposure time: 1/400s; Flash: off; Focal length: 4.26mm; ISO: 64)

If all else fails, go back to nature
Those of you who read our guide on using optical zoom to capture nature photography will know that reflections can provide a rich source of material. Find hidden gardens and ponds and play with the composition until you find a stellar shot.

A pond mid-afternoon
(Settings: Aperture: f /1.6; Exposure time: 1/160s; Flash: off; Focal length: 4.26mm; ISO: 64)

Keep your chin up
In this case, quite literally! Sometimes the best shots are to be found in the sky rather than on the ground. Here, we angled our Xperia 5 to take in as much of the structure of the building as possible, almost giving the effect of being in a transparent hot air balloon!

Angled shot of a building's roof showcasing its architecture.
(Settings: Aperture: f /1.6; Exposure time: 1/3200s; Flash: off; Focal length: 4.26mm; ISO: 64)

Have you taken brilliant pictures on your Xperia device? Make sure you show us by uploading to Twitter or Instagram and tagging #TakenWithXperia.

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