Breathe Easy with 6 Fresh Features in the Latest Fitbit Blaze Update

Fitbit Blaze users can now breathe easy and enjoy a fresh update to their devices. Blaze springs forward with a delightfully simple mindfulness experience, cardio fitness tracking, fresh clock faces, improved features…and fireworks! All the goodies in today’s Fitbit Blaze update are available now—simply update your Blaze firmware to the latest version »

Fitbit Blaze Update, March 2017

Relax with Guided Breathing

Stress loves to sneak up on you, whether it’s from work, life, or cable news. Achieving calm and sanity is an everyday struggle, but the Relax experience—available with today’s Fitbit Blaze update—is here to help. Powered by Fitbit’s PurePulse heart rate tracking, Relax guides you through deep-breathing exercises that will prove to be time well-spent.

Relax with Fitbit Blaze Update

Enjoying Relax is a breeze—just launch and go. Blaze measures your heart rate in real-time to set a personalized breathing pace before beginning your choice of a 2- or 5-minute mindfulness session. While inhaling and exhaling in sync with the circle, background waves show how well you’re following along (green is good!). There’s also a vibration mode if you’d rather keep your eyes closed while enjoying the exercise.

Relax Experience with Fitbit Blaze Update

No matter what may be competing for your attention, research shows taking a moment to refocus and decompress with guided breathing can work wonders for your mind and body. From reducing stress and anxiety to lowering blood pressure, there’s no shortage of reasons to enjoy Relax whenever you need it. So go ahead, treat yourself to some well-deserved “me time!”

Cardio Fitness Score and Level

After rave reviews from Charge 2 users when Cardio Fitness Tracking originally launched, Blaze is joining the party.

Cardio Fitness Score with Fitbit Blaze Update

Today’s Fitbit Blaze update bundles in a Cardio Fitness Score to estimate your VO2 Max, the widely-accepted gold standard for grading how well your body uses oxygen while working at its hardest. A higher VO2 Max denotes both higher fitness levels and indicates higher performance potential for endurance activities like running, biking, and swimming.

Measuring VO2 Max traditionally involves paying an average of $250 to visit a lab, donning an oxygen mask, and running on a treadmill to exhaustion. Cardio Fitness Scores from Fitbit lets you save time and money with an easier, less invasive option to approximate your VO2 Max. Blaze factors in your age, gender, weight, heart rate, and exercise data to present your Cardio Fitness Score along an estimated range. For more precise scoring, take Blaze on a connected GPS run for at least 10 mins on flat terrain then let the Fitbit app take care of the rest!

Cardio Fitness Level with Fitbit Blaze Update

The Fitbit app uses your Cardio Fitness Score to calculate your Cardio Fitness Level, rating it from poor to excellent based on your age and gender. Tips and guidance within the app give you a holistic understanding of your cardiovascular health over time, empowering you to make smart choices during your fitness journey.

For more about Cardio Fitness Score and Cardio Fitness Level, visit the Help page.

New Clock Faces

Today’s Fitbit Blaze update also includes exciting new clock faces. The latest designs give you more freedom to personalize the look and feel and make Blaze your own.

New Blaze Clock Faces in Fitbit Blaze Update

Chronograph, Arc, and Simple Multi-stat


Fans of classic watch design will appreciate the dual-mode Chronograph face. Standard Time mode tracks hours, minutes, and seconds in a color-coded central hub, with the date at the bottom.

Chronograph Clock Face with Fitbit Blaze Update

When the moment calls for more precise time measurement, enter Chronograph mode by pressing the bottom-right watch button. Chronograph mode replaces the date with the current clock time, keeping the screen on continuously while measuring elapsed seconds, minutes, and hours in the central hub. Simply tap the on-screen Play icon to begin timing an event with the chronograph.


The Arc clock face is clean and uncluttered while giving you a ton of information at a glance.

Arc Clock Face with Fitbit Blaze Update

See the time and date while dials in between keep you posted on the progress of your daily activity. Tap the dials for a deep-dive into each stat. Press the Back button on the watch to return to the time.

Simple Multi-stat

Simple Multi-stat sports a bold, easy-to-read design with quick-view access to heart rate and step count.

Simple Multi-stat with Fitbit Blaze Update

Tap anywhere on the screen for a full picture of your daily activity. Tap again to return to the clock face.

Alarms on Device

Staying on top of your day is even easier with updated Alarms.

New Alarms in Fitbit Blaze Update

You can now create, edit, or delete alarms on the fly—right from Blaze—in addition to using the Fitbit app or website.

Active Minutes in Today App

To round out the slate of Blaze improvements, you can now see your Active Minutes from your wrist in the Today app.

Active Minutes with Fitbit Blaze Update

Simply scroll to the bottom of the list to find yours.

Celebrate with Fireworks

“I hate celebrating milestones!” said no one, ever. When good news happens, what’s better than fireworks?

Fireworks with Fitbit Blaze Update

Blaze will now launch a celebratory animation your way after hitting a daily goal. The screen returns to the clock face afterwards so you can get back to ruling the day.

Follow these steps to unlock the latest Fitbit Blaze update. Visit the Help page for full details about this update or for additional device support.

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Breathe Easy with 6 Fresh Features in the Latest Fitbit Blaze Update

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