Big Changes in Wi-Fi When Location and Big Data Came Together


In today’s world, mobile Internet has already penetrated every aspect of human life. In shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic areas, hotels, and other areas, Wi-Fi brings IT construction along, and a business model innovation revolution is quietly taking place.

On one hand, consumers wish to obtain the latest market information in regards to their own preferences so as to make the best purchasing choice. On the other hand, network investors and operators hope to obtain insight into the direction of the market through the construction of Wi-Fi, providing a foundation of solid facts for marketing planning. So, how do we use the construction of Wi-Fi to satisfy both parties’ aspirations in regards to commercial activities?

Huawei Commercial Wi-Fi Solution hand in hand with Finland’s Walkbase sales analysis platform issued a solution that combines Wi-Fi location with Big Data analytics.

The Wi-Fi location Big Data of Huawei Commercial Wi-Fi Solution mainly provides the following functions:

Wi-Fi location, improving sales experience

In regards to traditional shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic spots, hotels, and other scenarios, consumers often want to do some “homework” before they actually pay for something. They want to gain a deep understanding of the products and services that they are going to buy, and one of the most important factors they care about is “where to spend their money”. Under this situation, consumers must obtain information from the web, publicity manuals, and other means, spending a large amount of time in deciding which merchant they want and finally relying on their individual “intuition” to make their choice.

Huawei Commercial Wi-Fi Solution integrates the Walkbase sales analysis system to achieve real-time information push and query. In this way, it helps consumers find the closest, best, and cheapest products available to them, highly improving their consumer experiences.

Big Data mining, achieving precision marketing

Walkbase, in cooperation with Huawei Commercial Wi-Fi Solution, aims to build a Wi-Fi network and serve the consumers. Relying on the platform’s Wi-Fi location and Big Data analytics functions, it conducts Big Data analytics on each consumer’s shopping behavior in order to develop marketing strategies that meet the market needs.

Traditionally, market strategies are often formulated based on empirical data or on limited consumer market surveys. During this formulation process, the sample size of the survey population is small, information authenticity is not reliable, and the time lag may lead to misleading in strategy formulation.

Big Data mining technology in Huawei Commercial Wi-Fi Solution extracts real-time, extensive, and accurate consumer data to differentiate the consumers’ gender, age, income level, and other information. This helps senior decision-makers in shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic areas, and hotels elaborate the most precise and beneficial marketing strategy plan. For example, in the D3 community in Dubai, Huawei and Walkbase have introduced Wi-Fi location and Big Data mining to the neighborhood’s business area. The solution helps operators achieve real-time customer traffic control, assisting businesses in providing better services and developing a closer relationship with their customers.

Huawei is committed to providing a “user-oriented” commercial Wi-Fi solution for shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic area, hotels, etc., to help construct innovative wireless networks, thus improving the overall level of related enterprise information services and bringing new profit growth opportunities.

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