AgilePOL: The New Choice for High Speed Enterprise Connectivity

AgilePOL: The New Choice for High Speed Enterprise Connectivity

While traditional local area networks (LANs) based on Ethernet copper cable have been widely deployed, enterprises are embracing mobility, cloud, big data, the internet of things (IoT) and 4K video, and many are finding their network architectures are struggling to meet the demands of these bandwidth-intensive applications and services.

As more devices and cables are added to existing copper based LANs, enterprises are grappling with bottlenecks created by limited bandwidth, cabling space and cable infrastructure, all of which impact the quality of network services and increase operations and maintenance costs. Instead of giving them a competitive advantage and supporting business growth, their networks are impeding agility and innovation. To address this and meet the demand for bandwidth capable of transmitting voice, data, and video at high speeds, enterprises are moving towards passive optical LAN based on PON technology and optical fibers, also known as POL. POL networks are redefining connectivity in enterprises by delivering exceptional network performance while reducing costs, increasing network capacity and speed, and improving the user service experience.

As an alternative solution for LANs, Huawei’s AgilePOL is simple, reliable and flexible. Unlike traditional LANs, the AgilePOL solution adopts Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) as the main access technology, and uses passive fiber-optic splitters to replace multiple layers of active devices.

GPON is a Point to Multi-Point (P2MP) technology and offers key advantages over Ethernet. Because a single fiber can be split into many different signals, less fiber is required in the network. A GPON network is therefore more economical and faster to deploy, making network planning more flexible. By deploying different types of splitters and optical network units (ONUs), enterprises can customize the network to meet their specific needs. As less physical equipment is required, the network is also simple and easy to maintain and reduces cost and space by eliminating equipment previously required to support the network. In addition, having less physical equipment means the network is less susceptible to physical equipment failure. There is less that can go wrong with a passive network that does not need a power supply and does not generate heat. The solution is also immune from electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring higher quality voice and video services.

AgilePOL offers more bandwidth delivered more efficiently which means enterprises can take advantage of faster digital communications to drive productivity, innovation and growth. In summary, the solution provides outstanding benefits for enterprises including:

Simplicity: from the central office to the user terminal, AgilePOL supports a flat network with 2 layers of active devices. This simplicity enables enterprises to quickly and efficiently deliver new services that improve productivity and drive a competitive advantage.

Reliability: passive devices and fibers used to replace active devices and copper lines, do not need power supply and are robust and scalable to ensure network reliability.

Flexibility: AgilePOL supports centralized device management, enabling vast numbers of terminal devices to be managed or upgraded by a unified network management system. With the AgilePOL solution, enterprises have the agility to drive fast decision-making, improve connectivity with employees, and enhance the customer experience.

Following Huawei’s release of AgilePOLsolution on CEBIT 2016, more players are joining the POL market to capitalize on new opportunities. Huawei is open to cooperation with all our partners to accelerate the growth and success of the POL industry.

For enterprises, there is no time for hesitation, POL is emerging as the key to powerful LAN capabilities needed to support the new ICT era and drive sustainable business growth and profitability. Once a bottleneck standing in the way of a business progress, the network’s future is now one of greater agility, simplicity and reliability.

Source : This is a Huawei sponsored article in official magazine of CeBIT 2017

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AgilePOL: The New Choice for High Speed Enterprise Connectivity
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