After The Fall – State of Play Trailer | PS VR

After The Fall - State of Play Trailer | PS VR

The new trailer reveals the post-apocalyptic remains of an alternate 1980’s Los Angeles where hell has frozen over. This is a result of experimental designer drugs gone wrong, giving birth to a new ice age and the creation of menacing, once-human creatures called Snowbreed. Twenty years later the world has turned into an arctic, hostile wasteland. But revolution beckons, the time has come to take back control and fight for the survival of humanity. Action-packed, cinematic combat commences, featuring relentless hordes of various horrifying Snowbreed and colossal bosses facing off against epic weapons, crafted and infused with iconic 80’s items, such as a walkman rocket-launcher.

After the Fall offers a cinematic campaign and seamless multiplayer experience, built from the ground up for VR. The shared-world action FPS with RPG elements lets players scavenge the ruins of the 80’s civilization, utilizing what they find to craft an arsenal of guns and close-combat weapons, allowing them to experiment and play around with different combat styles. Players wield devastating powers with real-life movements in a raging fight for survival against the forces of nature and the wretched Snowbreed.

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Source: Playstation YouTube