Accenture to upgrade over 400,000 employees to Windows 10 by 2018

It’s remarkable how much technology can play a role in digitally transforming a business at a global scale. The way we work and collaborate is shifting, and I experience this firsthand every day at Microsoft. I enjoy working closely with customers across all industries who are so committed to their employees and dedicated to empowering them with the latest Microsoft technologies to do more and achieve more anytime, anywhere, like Accenture.

An Enhanced Way of Working

It’s Accenture’s mission to drive digital transformation for their clients, which also means they have to empower their own workforce of over 400,000 employees and become a prime example of what digital transformation can bring. At Accenture, they walk the walk, and talk the talk.

Accenture is preparing the future workforce and enabling their current workforce, which is now 75 percent millennial with a modern desktop. This offers Accenture employees access to the latest productivity apps while keeping their PC always secure and up to date. The way they work is changing and the kind of services they need are “cloud-first” that allow real-time engagement and collaboration. Windows 10, Office 365 and the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite are at the heart of the digital worker at Accenture and helping to increase productivity for them. OneDrive has transformed the way employees work across the company in different time zones, enabling them to collaborate and communicate in real time in a virtualized project environment. In fact, Accenture has the biggest OneDrive in the world at over 6 Peta-bites! Accenture has also seen maturity in Microsoft’s security value proposition with Windows 10 and EMS, allowing employees to operate in both a mobile and secure way.

“Office 365 and Windows 10 are at the heart of a digital worker proposition which is really speeding up our workforce.” – Andrew Wilson, chief operating officer at Accenture

Accenture is displaying the art of what’s possible with Microsoft technologies and the company is the largest deployment of Windows 10 – and I’m pleased to share Accenture will be completing over 400,000 Windows 10 upgrades by 2018. Let me share how Accenture is making this all possible.

Windows 10 Deployment

A global Windows 10 project team began the upgrade project in September 2015, which first tested all business applications and validated compatibility with Windows 10. Then, the team proceeded with Windows 10 deployment to employees. By April 2016, initial deployment began with a “two-lane” deployment approach. First, they upgraded all new PCs with Windows 10 and provided a manual upgrade option for early adopters. The second deployment began in August 2016, which addressed existing PCs running Windows 7 and allowed employees to utilize an In-Place Upgrade tool and process that uses OneDrive for file distribution to perform a Windows 10 upgrade.

The In-Place Upgrade Tool played a key part in supporting deployments at pace and scale. The best part is the tool eliminated the need to come into an Accenture office to have an IT person perform the upgrade. Employees could make the upgrade wherever and whenever.

It’s incredible seeing Accenture accomplish the upgrade to Windows 10 in just a span of two years. Check out their case study to learn more.

Source: Windows Blog