5 ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day

Single? Coupled up? Self-partnered? Thanks for that last one, Emma Watson.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Turn V-Day into Me-Day and put yourself first regardless of your relationship status.

Here are 5 brilliant ways to say ‘I love you’ to yours truly.

1.    Take yourself out to dinner

Sounds obvious, but eating alone is often cited as one of people’s biggest phobias. But you’re really good company, and you deserve a delicious meal at your favourite restaurant. Savour each bite and enjoy that you don’t have to make small talk, listen to that story again, or worry about the bill. This one’s on you.

And if you’re still uneasy about taking yourself out, your phone’s always there as backup. Jump down to no. 3 on this list for more on that.


2.    Set up digital reminders that you’re amazing

Send yourself love letters in the form of daily digital calendar reminders.

You look great @9am.

You’re working hard, time for a treat @12pm.

You really crushed today @6pm.

Go ahead and gas yourself up. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-confidence boost. Simply go into your calendar app, schedule those sweet nothings, and thank yourself later.


3.     Get yourself a shiny new device for less

Three customers have access to exclusive offers. Choose from dozens of handpicked deals on additional devices and plans. A tablet for each loo. An Unlimited SIM so you can text, talk and stream whatever, whenever. A new phone that’s perfect for swiping right and snapping selfies. Your options are endless. And if you’re not a Three customer…what are you waiting for?


4.    Download the Habit app and focus on your wellness – iOS

We’re all obsessed with the Habit app down at Three HQ. It’s got us drinking more water, stretching, taking walks, reading books, and getting outside. If that’s not worth a Me-Day mention, we don’t know what is.

The app helps you set goals and track your progress until something becomes part of your routine. You can opt in to daily push notifications nudging you to follow through with your goals. It’s like a little life coach in your pocket.


5.    Buy yourself a box of chocolates and toss the ones you hate

You’re under no obligation to eat that mystery-filled chocolate heart. Keep the best and bin the rest. #noguilt




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