5 reasons why we love the Honor 10

Last year’s Honor 9 was awesome and we’re happy to report that its follow up, the Honor 10, doesn’t disappoint either. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite features to show you why we love it, and why we think you might too.

Take beautiful selfies, and up your Snapchat game

If you love a selfie and want to up your photography game, then the Honor 10’s 24MP front lens and dual lens 24MP and 16MP rear cameras are sure to catch your eye. The Honor 10 uses state-of-the-art AI technology and 3D portrait lighting to help you take beautifully lit, sharp and focused selfies.

So, the Honor 10 is the perfect partner if you’re a social butterfly that wants to make the most of Snapchat, especially now that it’s included as part of Go Binge.

Avoid low battery rage

Running out of battery is a nightmare, and waiting ages to recharge is even worse. Luckily, neither of those things are a problem for the Honor 10. With its seriously impressive 3,400 mAh battery and power saving technology, a single charge lasts more than a full day. If you do need to charge, there’s no hanging around thanks to Super Charge – your battery goes from 0% to 50% in just 25 minutes.

Get an immersive viewing experience

With its “Full View”, 5.84 inch, 19:9 display, the Honor 10 offers the company’s most immersive viewing experience yet. The full view display gives the Honor 10 an edge-to-edge, all-screen design, and its high screen-to-body ratio gives you an amazing viewing experience – ideal for binge-watching on your way home from work.

On a budget? No problem.

If you want a flagship phone but the prices of some of the top-end devices makes you and your bank balance wince, then the Honor 10 might be just what you’re looking for. Its classic metal and glass design and cutting-edge AI processor makes the Honor 10 look, feel and act like a top end flagship phone, but all for a fraction of the cost.

If that’s not enough…

If the awesome camera, enviable battery, full view display and pocket friendly price aren’t enough then wait ‘til you hear this – we’re giving away free Honor Sports Bluetooth Headphones worth £69.99 with every Honor 10 sold between 17 May and 30 June 2018!

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